Is McAfee's promotion of BEZOP.IO a scam, or just serious incompetence? Is there a difference?

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I'm only a few days in to the experiment I'm doing to put $1,000 towards trying to follow the McAfee recommendations. This is turning out to be more difficult than I thought.

First of all, the coin pumps seem to be pretty legit pumps. Legit in the sense that they work, but I'm not convinced that they're good for the economy. McAfee says they're recommendations that he believes in for various reasons unrelated to pumping + dumping, but I'm not feeling right with it so far. There's a "pump & dump" industrial complex developing in this space and that's not good. More on that another day.

Let's look at McAfee's first "ICO of the Week," BEZOP.IO, the "next Amazon." This company is a shitshow. I bought my .5 ETH of shares, and when I set up my account, the company confirmed it by sending me my user name and password by email, in clear text! For anyone with any experience in tech, that's a really bad sign. Very sloppy.

Now, BEZOP is spamming me with really poorly written emails. The first was an explanation for various mishaps and contained numerous spelling, grammar and style errors. There are clearly native English speakers at the company but these communications are going out with no review. A second spam email that BEZOP sent today doesn't have the same grammatical errors as the first, but it's addressed to "Dear [name]" and instructs users to go through a ridiculous login/logout process and says at the end to "Pick Your Favorite Crypto and donate!"

WTF. donate? Not exactly a term I'd want to see when making an investment. These are not donations.

Screenshot 2018-01-04 at 5.17.46 PM.png

This is the most redic. The use of the word "donate" got my interest. I'm not doing any due diligence on these ICOs (because the point of this is to see if a Whale like McAfee can do that) and what a mistake that is. But now that I know that Bezop is seeing my investment as a "donation," I thought I'd look up the terms and see what they mean. Here's a screenshot of their terms of service. This is really something.
Screenshot 2018-01-04 at 5.24.03 PM.png

They have no terms! That language is basic dummy text out of a box. Wow. My experiment is definitely fascinating. It's obviously a difficult thing for me to recommend to anyone to take on, based on what I'm seeing. I'll ride this through and keep you informed.

More than a test case for profit, I'm getting the sense that McAfee is providing an example case for the need for consumer protection.


WOW! The 'Terms and Conditions' settled it for me. I really like the concept, but don't think I can chance it with those warning signs. Thanks @papacabeza I probably would've invested if I didn't see this post.

Cool, I'm glad to hear that it helped with your due diligence. Since I've got a small amount in this with the experiment (just .5 ETH) it's obviously not in my interest to slam the offering (I hope it does well) but I'm really not feeling this one. Cheers.

Dude, the terms & conditions you linked are from their online store MVP. It is not THEIR terms and conditions. You can find their terms here :

Correct, the Lorem Ipsum isn't the terms of the token sale, that's what the White Paper is. I'm not convinced that they have put any thought into the product or anything. I'll pay you $5 US American Dollars if you can make it through this entire video where the founders talk about it and if your head doesn't explode, either from the bizarre music or from the complete lack of any structure. I'm having fun here, but I don't think any of this can really be taken seriously.

I'll pay $5 US American Dollars if you can make it through this video without your head exploding (either from the bizarre background music or the unusual meeting flow style). I want to give these guys a hug, but I don't know if it's smart that I gave them my money. :)


Agree... Im having a bad feeling of J.M's latest pushing on MTC and BEZ. Looks like we feed him well with good food, bodyguards and porn-resorts....

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