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Gambling is a game where players bet to choose one choice among a number of choices where only one choice is right and the winner. Time passes, technology changes, but the main principle in the world of gambling remains the same: players come to casinos and spend their money in the hope of winning quickly. But now, the online gambling market is more than $ 50 billion and continues to gain momentum. Casino organizers go to various tricks to involve new people in the game: discounts, prizes. photos of beautiful life. And the problem is there are no profitable casinos - all player money, usually, goes to the casino organizer, sooner or later. It's time to change this principle. 

The traditional gambling market is designed in such a way that the organizers make a huge fortune on it. Otherwise, it won't be there. There are many different ways to leave players without money. From using the law of probability theory to train dealers in various fraud methods. The rules of the game, as well as the rules of conduct for the players are determined entirely by the casino that peels players into threads, and gets super profits from them. Signs in places, bonus programs and technology can change, but any casino still operates by the same principal. As a result, the gambling market (including online) is filled with almost identical casinos that give gamers no choice at all because all casinos look almost the same. 

The solution is a completely new type of casino, a casino managed by players, which hosts all matches. Of course all games, card tables, poker rooms, tournaments, slot machines, lotteries, etc. When blockchain technology came, so many things changed, for better, we say. So many businesses have improved, so many companies have started using crypto currencies in their work. The new ideas are coming every day. People want to invest in the new projects. We have the biggest tool in the world, and it is called the Internet. The internet is a enormous base of information where we can do anything. Internet has connected the entire world. 

URunIt creates a casino that will be in the hands of the players themselves. They also receive most of the profits. URunIt is a platform on the Blockchain for decentralized gambling organization. This means that the organizers of the games are the players chosen by the system randomly. 

It happens so. Every day the system selects those who will be the heads of the games on the court on this day and receive the corresponding organizational bonuses. The higher the status and activity of a player, the higher the chances to become an organizer. You can sell your rights to others and bet on them. You can also trade and bet on it with your acquired status. Thus, the whole process of being on the platform turns into a strategic game. 

The easiest way to give each user the opportunity to become the owner of the game is drawing of the lots. Drawings are held automatically. The winners should pay a small fee in URUN tokens to confirm their right to own the game. This player determines the parameters of the game or tournament he is hosting and becomes the owner of the game for the time being. Let's say, each game is leased to one of the players for a nominal fee. During this lease, the owner of the game not only monitors what is going on, but also performs basic functions of a moderator. At the end of this period, the owner of the game receives most of the profit generated during his lease. 

In addition, the site has the opportunity to organize their games and invite people to them in private. Everyone can now open their own casino, poker room, lottery and so on. By the way, the online gambling market is presented below. 

All games have all necessary licenses. In order to be able to play games, you need to be identified in the system according to the KYS standard. The system will pay all the necessary taxes and automatically make the game legal. 

 URunIt infrastructure is:

  • analytics that will help players to choose the strategy of development on the site;
  • a protection system that will protect the won funds from scammers;
  • bank, with which you can withdraw funds in Fiat and exchange within the site;
  • marketing system that will help to spread information about the games organized by the user;
  • SDK for developers to develop new gambling games and earn on their work;
  • API for integrating games into various external interfaces and systems;
  • blockchain gateway that allows you to connect applications on the Blockchain.

As for the Blockchain, its capabilities are well represented here. It provides protection of the users privacy, minimum fee, microtransactions and many other things that today are not available online modern gambling games.  

This is another project that changes the market with the help of Blockchain technology. The URunIt project has all the chances to leave modern casino organizers without work. The project has a Soft cap and high ratings of experts. URunIt is a great option for investing in assets. 


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