Growing Momentum for Pally

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What a last couple of weeks it has been! Membership numbers in our Telegram channel have grown five-fold to unveil a constructively engaged group who are providing helpful input and lifting the spirits of the team. Additionally, we are happy to confirm that we have officially gotten approved for an exchange listing on EtherDelta! Stay tuned as more big exchange news is coming very soon.

We’ve published a revised Whitepaper last night, containing substantial updates including sections on conflict resolution and Pally’s growth ambitions. Further, our Technical Whitepaper is getting the final touches ahead of its first release. You might have noticed that we recently migrated to a new website (and slightly different design) which allows us to handle the growing website traffic and provide visitors with a faster loading time. We’ve been told it looks prettier too… Just as anything else in the world of start-ups, Murphy’s Law (everything that can go wrong, will go wrong) reared its head which caused a few irregularities and a few hours of downtime — please accept our apologies for the inconveniences caused by the migration.
On the PR side, the team has been busy giving interviews and information that have led to various features from a few publications within the last week, some of which we’ve added underneath this piece.

In the run up to our ICO which kicks off on Sunday, we will be sharing useful information on how to participate safely within the next few days. The one thing to remember is to please ensure you only respond to, and act on official communication from the team.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 11th, marks the day of the last conference of our roadshow ahead of the crowdsale. Those of you who are available and in London then should please stop by, check out our stand, and hear Oliver speak at the event —

Asian Travel Blog, Apna Yatra, features Pally —

Polish news outlet interviews our COO —
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Amazing content! Keep up the great work !! :)

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