2 days till Pally's ICO

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With the token sale fast approaching, we figured now is a good time to send out some information on how the ICO will be kicked off. Firstly, we will ONLY be posting the contract address directly on our website, https://www.pally.co (i.e. not on any social channels, telegram or email). If you see any contract address shared on any channel beyond the website, please do NOT send any contribution to that address. We will of course be announcing across all channels when the token sale goes live.

Moreover, please beware of phishing sites and ensure that you always check your browser carefully when visiting our site and verifying that it reads exactly https://www.pally.co

We will make the contract address available on Sunday at 12pm (GMT+1, London) and will be locking in the price against ETH 6 hours prior to the start of the token sale. Given the high volume of visitors, extensive press coverage and growing size of our community, we have high hopes of hitting our target. Therefore, please ensure that you are ready to contribute on Sunday to ensure being able to get in on the ICO.

We will be making a wallet tutorial available for use of Mist, Parity and MetaMask and how you can partake in the token sale through these wallets. You will of course also be able to use other wallets that are ERC-20 compatible such as MyEtherWallet or Jaxx.

We are happy to have received confirmation of a listing on an exchange, EtherDelta, which means that Pally will be immediately tradable following the completion of the token sale. We are currently finalising an agreement with one additional, larger exchange and will hopefully be able to announce that shortly.

Finally, we had a great day at the ICO conference in London on Wednesday where we spoke to many people at our stand. Oliver also gave a well-received address on Pally and how we are changing the travel industry.

All in all, it’s been a very eventful week, and we hope you’re getting as excited about Pally as we are!

More information about the ICO on Sunday is to follow.

For now, take care.
Friendly wishes,
Team Pally

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