The OCEAN model in the digital business branch - introduction, uses and association with Orionix

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In the 21st century, up to 90% of the worldwide trade and commerce runs through the internet. This is very contrasting compared to how the same process functioned back in the time when checks were a major method used to transfer money. E-banking back then was just an idea that was considered to be hardly feasible or even unrealistic. People were wondering how in the world would technology ever be so innovative. Well, long story short, here we are today in a world where you could send or receive money from everyone in a split of a second by using the Blockchain. The roots that led to the spot at which we are today, however, are a topic of controversies. Personally, we at Orionix believe that the OCEAN model and its effectiveness was a key factor of the big picture.

While it is true that innovation brought us here, it is also a fact that such a process wouldn’t have been accomplished without the crucial personality traits of our kind. Possessing a business mindset is always a positive characteristic, but being able to compliment it by expressing its qualities verbally and through your body language makes the big difference between success and just basic satisfaction.

Being open to the experience, for example, makes you learn new concepts, new communicational techniques and therefore essentially helps you develop yourself as a resourceful entrepreneur. Implementing what you’ve learned to your business model, consequently, ensures its long-term overall prosperity. 

Furthermore, being conscientious of your actions and professional objectives results in a self-disciplined and organized behavior. Having the ability to control impulses, maintain focus, take rational decisions and think creatively are all critical aspects of any business mentality.

Moreover, extraversion is another large component of the process as it solidifies the relationship between the client and the merchant and encourages them to express their ideas clearly and freely thus promoting a healthy and potentially successful interaction. Nobody would ever listen to you or be willing to purchase your product if communication is disrupted or unconvincing. Every client out there asks for assurance and clarity.

Additionally, prioritizing the customers and making the effort to acknowledge their views while also getting along with them in a professional manner is another highly useful behavior.

Finally, to wrap things up it is notable to mention what the N stands for in ‘OCEAN’ and that is neuroticism. Neuroticism generally refers to the takeaway that the customer gets in his mind from the experience of interacting with the seller - basically the feeling that makes him come back or not come back later on. It is hence vastly important to concentrate strongly on this aspect as the first impression matters the most and what’s better than having your client leave with a smile?

In terms of Orionix and its business agenda, we can tell you that the community has already hired some of the most professional, responsible and highly- trained individuals on the crypto market. Each one of us is here to contribute their values and align themselves with the goals of the enterprise. The OCEAN model indeed plays an exceptionally dominant role in our business mindset in order to make the experience of each contributor as smooth as possible. We’ll consider every opinion and suggestion out there and do our best to ensure it is respected.

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