The mastery involved in becoming a successful cryptocurrency expert during times of transition

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What many of you have probably heard during the past couple years are a bunch of successful stories from so-called “self proclaimed bitcoin millionaires” that claim to have obtained tremendous amounts of wealth by investing in e-finances and hitting a jackpot by taking advantage of the “bitcoin bubble”. On the contrary, facts indicate that a very minimal part of them actually supply a legitimate evidence that proves their statements. Do they really drive lambos now or is it all fake news? This leads us all to wonder whether it is truly possible to become rich by just investing in a single asset at the right time and place with no other effort and then cash out millions days later. The truth is that yes, it is possible, but it isn’t exactly likely. While good luck sometimes guides us to success, bad luck does the same on the opposite so essentially getting on a train that you can’t predict the future direction of is not a brilliant idea. What you can do, nonetheless, is stop “crypto gambling” and turn unrealistic expectations into real possibilities by educating yourself. Educating yourself and acquiring the knowledge needed to become a better, more refined investor who takes rational decisions and knows how to manage equity, tolerate risks and be in tune with his emotions. Most probably, the majority of those “bitcoin magnates” were there to simply sparkle FOMO or promote their own interests once they spotted the opportunity.

In his book “Mastering Bitcoin”, Andreas Antonopoulos outlines the factor of trust and draws an image of the blockchain as a peer-to-peer network based on decentralized trust. This is the case because each transaction consists of a number of inputs from the sender that then become outputs on the receiver side thus resulting in a continuous transfer of digital ownership. Interestingly enough, the process doesn’t end there as every transaction goes through a mining process that authorizes it and allows a third party to earn a commission. That’s what makes the blockchain concept so special as it encourages the engagement of more and more participants to take part day after day in order to maintain its stability and maximize that trust. Understanding this and being able to master a mechanism of such type could give any crypto enthusiast an advantage over the others and therefore give him a boost in reaching his investing goals.

Orionix's standpoint seeks to provide long-term solutions by using the market of Virtual Goods & Services as a pillar for ORX value. Instead of relying on rumors and fake news, the team wishes to offer a robust investment alternative to the highly speculative coins by creating a P2P use for the token. This creates a utility that will allow ORX to increase on two fronts – a flow of transactions generating usage along with the traditional exchange trading. One will support the possible speculation of the other and ultimately lead ORX to stand out from other crypto coins by rising to a new peak, and most importantly, maintaining it. 

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