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Ever since the end of the Cold War and fall of Communism, the world has been a subject to revolutionary progress in its industrial, economic, technological and communicational fields. All the innovations and research successes that we come to witness nowadays have changed the society’s perception of what could be labeled as “standard and ordinary”. At this point we have all become so used to this swift pace with which human kind seems to be advancing, however sooner or later it becomes almost impossible not to ask ourselves the question “Is it all as good as it seems?” and the obvious answer is indeed “No”. What many of us fail to acknowledge is all the complications and uncertainties that technology and communications have introduced into today’s world. Everything now is much more volatile and changing at a swifter pace than has been seen before (e.g. Artificial Intelligence) and that by itself brings negative consequences, especially to the digital space where the effect is more obvious.

Orionix can't fix all these problems, but we can decide to be part of the solution. One step forward in individual freedom. The team believes there are real solutions to the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity that we are all surrounded by and that has swamped so many aspects of our lives including gaming. With its unique features, Orionix aims at facilitating the process involved with the transactions of digitalized products. No overwhelming verification requirements, no limits on possible transactions and no user data monetization. This mean we won't stop until our system is as user-friendly as you want it to be. Collecting feedback and assuring that our platform corresponds to the demand of our users and encourages interactions between them while constantly growing and improving.

On a similar note, it is relevant to state that our team is considering forming certain partnerships with educational, environmental and health organizations – especially those rising from the blockchain revolution. This shows the project's desire to express its appreciation and give something back to other communities and promote a more sustainable and professional business environment. Thereby, a potential objective that the Orionix team has in mind for the later stages of the project's development is to invest a portion of its profits in assets to benefit tomorrow's society. 

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