Gaming improves memory, and now we have ORX!

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Nowadays little children and young adults are getting acquainted with computer games and innovation to improve their memory and focus control; even science has demonstrated here and there that playing computer games do help in upgrading synapses. Research suggests that advanced technology and gaming can improve one's memory and restraint students and young adults to get distracted easily. That being said, we often see the Smart Class concept in every school or colleges. People who play games have improved their concentration power and have developed a decent patient and responsive behavior. Considering the facts mentioned above; it's evident that gaming can bring revolution, and that is what Orionix is trying to reveal.   

It's not merely a platform for gamers, but it also allows a user to exchange, trade tokens, and other useful inventories through Smart Contract means. Another research at the University of Glasgow indicates students examining arts and humanities subjects were requested to play PC games under controlled conditions to evaluate the effect on correspondence and mental flexibility levels.   

A great gaming experience can bring a lot of change. People often flounder to sell their gaming items over sites where security and identity cannot be verified. The fear to lose our precious inventory may lead to scams, although Orionix is working on a few gaming pioneers that are unique and different from what other online communities aren't offering.   

- Read Virtual Value

- Project Scalability

- Versatile Gaming Applications

- Exchanges Integration - Secure Environment

- And Cost-Effective Solutions

These are a few benefits that ORX offers. As the team is led by individuals from critical sectors of the video game industry and players of the blockchain revolution. This diversity includes programmers, financial and legal advisors, as well as marketing experts. ORX is similar to a platter, which is led by experts and offers the best solutions for today's gaming community.

Probably the most critical research on game-based learning is done by GlassLab, which was set up with a "huge venture" from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in participation with the MacArthur Foundation. GlassLab outlines and actualizes amusement based developmental evaluations which, as per SRI, "are being created in light of the atmosphere of understudy separation that right now exists in numerous classrooms." The 2013 survey, which is the most significant to date, found that "when computerized games were contrasted with other guideline conditions without digital games, there was a direct to solid impact for games as far as expansive intellectual capabilities."   

"For a student who is sitting in the middle who doesn't have a game, his or her learning accomplishment would have expanded by some percent. If the boy or a girl had that game," said by a Senior Program Officer for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a year ago. In the realm of educational accomplishment, 12 percent is critical. In a similar report, SRI likewise took a glance at reproductions, and in those examinations, students improved by 25 percent.

Since the gaming industry is on the verge of expanding to serve the players well, likewise, many technologies are being invented to help the players and their virtual assets from all across the globe.

The most recent innovation is (ICO)Cryptocurrency for Gamers. An ORX token that allows players to exchange their virtual items safely and securely in the form of ORX tokens, which could be used as a decentralized currency. A blockchain gaming technology that utilizes Ethereum Smart Contracts to ensure safe and fast transactions.

It's the best time to get your hands on this currency, as the token sale starts in the next 15 days, i.e., 1st August 2019. Here are some details pertaining to this token.

Eventually, it's not about gamers or the people who are skeptical about sharing their virtual game items. It's for everyone who believes in new technology that can change the way we think or work online. is going to be a leading currency that can be acquired by gamers, gaming industries, and most importantly, investors. The price for a single ORX token is 0.00034 ETH. In the future, the cost would be higher than $1+. All the investors would be able to make their investment fruitful, and likewise, every ORX user can benefit themselves with such technology.

Let's Grow Together! #ORXtoMoon 


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