Target Audience of LeadRex Platform part1

in #ico2 years ago

A small business owner may not have enough budgets to attract a marketing agency. Since most businessmen are not qualified experts in internet marketing, it is necessary to obtain maximum results with minimum operating costs. Typically, this group of potential users of the LeadRex platform also doesn’t have a selling site and a description of its target audience. With help of many components and platform modules (see 5.1 Technological particularity of the platform) small business owner will be able to significantly reduce their costs and start an advertising campaign and flexible tariff plans will allow to save funds for unused features of the platform.

An employee of the advertising department will be able to attract new clients without cooperation with third-party marketing agencies and specialists. Thanks to the component of selecting the target audience based on artificial intelligence, the designer selling adaptive landings and the centralized management office of advertising campaigns, the costs of promoting the product will be much lower.