LeadRex releases the Alfa version of the platform!

in #ico2 years ago

Dear community! Our entire team is working constantly and non-stop on the creation of the first lead generation platform in the world. And today we are pleased to inform you that we are launching the alpha version of MVP! This is a big step forward and a great event for all of us.
Therefore, we are going to test all components daily. Now, we are preparing an update to the latest version.
The team tests and works on the integration of the landing pages constructor with CRM, plans to release a large platform fix and open access for testing to the end of ICO. That’s why, stay tuned. Don’t miss the main thing.
MVP link is available on our website 👉https://leadrex.io

👍 Alexander | LeadRex (https://t.me/rav4919)
👍 Andrey | LeadRex (https://t.me/Andrey0856)
👍 Konstantin | LeadRex (https://t.me/strike0095)

🙋‍♂️ Anton Skripka |CEO | LeadRex (https://t.me/SkripkOFF)
🙋‍♂️ Oleg | CCO | LeadRex (https://t.me/YbzCoin)

Official inks BTT:
฿ Bitcointalk (RU) — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3980113.msg37762784#msg37762784
฿ Bitcointalk (ENG) — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3980476.msg37763777#msg37763777

📣 Telegram Bounty chat (RU) — https://t.me/leadrexbountyrus
📣 Telegram Bounty chat (ENG) — https://t.me/leadrexbountyeng

Official telegram chats:
🇷🇺 Russia — https://t.me/leadrexrus
🇬🇧 English — https://t.me/leadrexeng
🇻🇳 Vietnam — https://t.me/leadrexvietnam
🇲🇨 Indonesia — https://t.me/LeadRexIndonesia
🇸🇽 Philippines — https://t.me/leadrexphilippines
🇹🇷 Turkey — https://t.me/leadrexturkey
🇿🇦 Africa — https://t.me/leadrexafrica
🇯🇵 Japan — https://t.me/leadrexjapan
🇪🇺 Europe — https://t.me/leadrexeurope
🇪🇬 Egypt — https://t.me/leadrexegypt
🇺🇸 USA — https://t.me/leadrexusa

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