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Dear community! Finally, listing is going to start. We know how it is expectable. Not only for you but for us too. So, we want to announce that the first stock exchange is HUBI.

👉 www.hubi.com 👈

HUBI is the large Asian stock exchange. And since 27-th of November our token with ticker LDXT is going to be listed.
▫️Registration and completing the KYC is the only thing you should do to get 8LDXT.
▫️Depositing brings you 0.004ETH.
▫️For traders: the first trade brings you 0.006ETH.
▫️If you want to divide 200.000LDXT join the Trading Competition!
We are glad to share with you all details, and we are really happy that we are moving towards our goal. Thanks to all who believes in us. We do our best to make this project the first and the best one in the marketing !
Stay tuned!

👍 Alexander | LeadRex (https://t.me/rav4919)
👍 Andrey | LeadRex (https://t.me/Andrey0856)
👍 Konstantin | LeadRex (https://t.me/strike0095)

🙋‍♂️ Anton Skripka |CEO | LeadRex (https://t.me/SkripkOFF)
🙋‍♂️ Oleg | CCO | LeadRex (https://t.me/YbzCoin)

Official inks BTT:
฿ Bitcointalk (RU) — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3980113.msg37762784#msg37762784
฿ Bitcointalk (ENG) — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3980476.msg37763777#msg37763777

📣 Telegram Bounty chat (RU) — https://t.me/leadrexbountyrus
📣 Telegram Bounty chat (ENG) — https://t.me/leadrexbountyeng

Official telegram chats:
🇷🇺 Russia — https://t.me/leadrexrus
🇬🇧 English — https://t.me/leadrexeng
🇻🇳 Vietnam — https://t.me/leadrexvietnam
🇲🇨 Indonesia — https://t.me/LeadRexIndonesia
🇸🇽 Philippines — https://t.me/leadrexphilippines
🇹🇷 Turkey — https://t.me/leadrexturkey
🇿🇦 Africa — https://t.me/leadrexafrica
🇯🇵 Japan — https://t.me/leadrexjapan
🇪🇺 Europe — https://t.me/leadrexeurope
🇪🇬 Egypt — https://t.me/leadrexegypt
🇺🇸 USA — https://t.me/leadrexusa

❓ FAQ — support: [email protected]
✅ Marketing proposal: [email protected]
✅ Partnership proposal: [email protected]
✅ Advertising proposal: [email protected]
✅ Sales proposal: [email protected]

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