LeadRex has joined to the well-known startup!

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Good day, community! We have great news for you!

LeadRex has joined to the well-known Decenturion Startup Accelerator. It is very important step for our project. Because, the amount of potential customers of our platform will increase before the official launch.

The additional token LDXD is going to be allocated for the integration into the economics of Decenturion Startup Accelerator. This token isn't going to be saled on exchanges, but it will be avaliable for citizens of the ecosystem Decenturion and it will give the benefits on the platform LeadRex for holders.

It’s going to be distributed 50.000.000 LDXD among the citizens of the digital country Decenturion to provide the liquidity of the token. Other 50% tokens is frozen for at least 1 year with the follow-up gradual deblocking 25%-25%-25%-25%.

👍 Alexander | LeadRex (https://t.me/rav4919)
👍 Andrey | LeadRex (https://t.me/Andrey0856)
👍 Konstantin | LeadRex (https://t.me/strike0095)

🙋‍♂️ Anton Skripka |CEO | LeadRex (https://t.me/SkripkOFF)
🙋‍♂️ Oleg | CCO | LeadRex (https://t.me/YbzCoin)

Official inks BTT:
฿ Bitcointalk (RU) — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3980113.msg37762784#msg37762784
฿ Bitcointalk (ENG) — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3980476.msg37763777#msg37763777

📣 Telegram Bounty chat (RU) — https://t.me/leadrexbountyrus
📣 Telegram Bounty chat (ENG) — https://t.me/leadrexbountyeng

Official telegram chats:
🇷🇺 Russia — https://t.me/leadrexrus
🇬🇧 English — https://t.me/leadrexeng
🇻🇳 Vietnam — https://t.me/leadrexvietnam
🇲🇨 Indonesia — https://t.me/LeadRexIndonesia
🇸🇽 Philippines — https://t.me/leadrexphilippines
🇹🇷 Turkey — https://t.me/leadrexturkey
🇿🇦 Africa — https://t.me/leadrexafrica
🇯🇵 Japan — https://t.me/leadrexjapan
🇪🇺 Europe — https://t.me/leadrexeurope
🇪🇬 Egypt — https://t.me/leadrexegypt
🇺🇸 USA — https://t.me/leadrexusa

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