Advantages of the LeadRex platform part 1

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  1. Opportunity for earning and use the service for free
    Thanks to the planned referral campaign any user can earn money by helping us in order to promote our platform. We are confident in our product by 100% and therefore payment for the first month of using the service by a new customer, attracted by a registered user’s affiliate link or coupon will be credited to the account of the user partner for the subsequent choice — to pay for the service or to withdraw earned funds to its own payment data.
  2. Interactive system of hints and tips
    Huge manuals left in the past! Our interactive system of hints and tips will help you set up advertising campaign of any complexity in the shortest possible time. This will allow users who have no experience in setting up advertising campaigns, adjust their advertising campaign quickly, simply, and most importantly — productively.
    LeadRex platform will be a convenient tool for the user, help you find your client and reduce the operational costs for launching and conducting advertising campaigns.

In addition, we plan to conduct webinars and training courses on launching advertising campaigns and selecting the target audience, thereby solving one of the main problems associated with the lack of experience in conducting activities in the field of Internet marketing. We will not only tell you how to use the platform, but also teach new trends in marketing.

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