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The ACI coin is innovated as a means through which payment can be made for various projects that deal with water treatment systems and hydrogen technologies. It is also being used for cashback programs. Together with a community that is on the fast lane of development and a variety of activities, ACI coin will be established fast and would definitely grow in value with time.

ARC IRIS hydrogen mining ecosystem is one of the world’s first crypto mining activities that protect the environment with the use of a very unique concept about energy which makes the mining of bitcoin not only profitable but also utilizes the entire power of nature.

With the use of solar, wind and hydrogen technology, ARC IRIS is able to operate a cryptocurrency mining farm that is eco friendly and cost-effective.

ARC IRIS hydrogen comprises of a group of people, working together to develop innovative solutions in fields ranging from water treatment to complementary forms of energy and to make it easy for everyone to access these technologies.

Main Features


The main features of the ACI coin is that it is MINEABLE - TRADEABLE - USEABLE - PROFITABLE

Arc Iris is made up of anti innovative model for the successful addressing of the current mining community’s resources, energy and also environmental issues.

The Arc Iris system focuses on the synergy effects of solar power and also the newly discovered energy sources of hydrogen. The almost unrestricted access to these primary energy sources is the major guarantee of the success of the Arc Iris mining technology.

Also, through the brilliant mixture of fuel cell and photovoltaic technology, the Arc Iris can effectively reduce the external mining system’s power input, thereby making such activities much attractive and less expensive.



Some of the problems currently faced in the mining industry are:

• Extreme environmental impact
• Shortage of resources
• Tied at locations
• Low mining yields
• High maintenance fees

These problems have been around for quite a long time and the ACI Coin was invented to tackle all of these problems. As such, ACI Coin has come up with various solutions to all of these problems.


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The ARC IRIS innovation tackles all of the problems faced by the modern-day mining industry because of the ARC Iris hydrogen mining system and the ACI coin has no environmental impact, does not consume any resources, is flexible in the choice of location, provides very high yields from mining and has a very low maintenance fee.

The hydrogen technology of the ACI Coin brings about up to 85% of the reduction in the use of energy. The ACI Coin wallet is safe because private keys are stored with only the users, it is an HD Wallet, it meets the standards of the Cryptocurrency Security Standards (CCSS) and involves ten security aspects to ensure that customers transactions and cryptocurrency are transparent and secured. It also has a paper wallet, multiple digital assets like BTC, ETH and so on and also, it operates a cold storage system.

Latest Updates


ARC IRIS project is still in the funding stage, which is a great news for all potential newcomers! There are four ICO rounds in total and the third one ends within the next 12 hours! Hurry up guys and grab yourself ACI tokens by a price of 0,07 USD per coin. To take part in the token sale, follow this link, open an account and participate. Starting from the first of April, the price will raise to 0,08 USD per coin and the last round will last until the 30st of April.

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