Only until 31.03.2019: CoinAnalyst ICO with exclusive benefits for NexusGlobal members!

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Dear blog readers and members of NEXUS Global,

In the past months months, NEXUS Global has started the ICO business, and CoinAnalyst is the first partner company to launch an ICO, with exclusive benefits for NexusGlobal members.

Until 31.03.2019 NEXUSGlobal members have the chance to benefit from these exclusive advantages!

You register in your Nexus Global dashboard by clicking on the CoinAnalyst logo. The same email address as for Nexus appears immediately on the CoinAnalyst login page.

The minimum investment is $ 50 and the maximum investment is $ 6. 1 COY coin is currently in the ICO phase at 1 cent, so hurry up, buy your COY coins.

--> Here you can visit the ICO website!

As a member of Nexus Global you get an exclusive benefit and up to 200% bonus on the use of the CoinAnalyst software!

So you are not only just buying Coy Tokens, but you also the user license for the Coinanalyst software.

We have positioned ourselves with NEXUS GLOBAL in a market that will bring fundamental changes over the next few years, while providing huge opportunities for investors.

Of course it is a huge advantage to have a good research and a close observation of the market!

This not only protects against bad investments or scams but also gives investors the opportunity to invest in a technology that has set itself the task of discovering precisely these sources of error in this market and creating more transparency in the market and providing information.


This will also start the presentation of the project Coin Analyst:

Coin Analyst is a spin off of Cogia GmbH, which supports companies in customer satisfaction and support. Cogia scours or "crawls" social media and online content and analyzes the sentiment, ie the satisfaction of the customers and the general mood. The analysis is done according to certain parameters, such as text length and also evaluates individual words and adjectives that were used. This technology has already been used by customers such as BMW, Continental or the state of Saarland.

This technology is now the basis of the Coin Analyst project, which aims to create an interface for traders to provide them with an information advantage and support for making decisions. The following functions should be included:

Sentiment Analysis: The Cogia algorithm has been rebuilt and adapted to the Blockchain scene. This searches now posts on all social media channels as well as general content on the Web on the general market sentiment as well as specific to the individual coins. This sentiment is expressed in a number of posts and the resulting overwhelming sentiment, which is then presented in a chart along with the price evolution over time.

Scam and Fake News Detector: Through the constant analysis of wording and texts, one can also filter out how often scam associations with certain projects or fake news appear on the web. If these exceed a certain degree, you get a hint.

Influencer Identification: At the same time it also shows which users post where and how much and if their posts are predominantly positive or negative. As a result, influencers can be identified and, if necessary, they can be followed up to receive information more quickly.

It is planned that these features can also be personalized by the user over time. The product is to be released in different stages for a monthly fee, payable in its own token, and is currently in the beta testing phase. If you would like access to the beta, you can register as a member of Nexus Global and acquire the qualification by purchasing a Coy package.

Also, one has to keep in mind that the UI is still to change significantly and essential functions are added.

Due to the already very long market experience and the very good reputation of CoinAnalyst, we are very proud to have such a partner on board to establish a long-term and strategic partnership.

Do not forget the exclusive ICO offer is only valid until 31.03.2019!

Here you can find our introduction article about NexusGlobal: Introducing Nexus Global: Suitable Mining for everyone!

--> Here you can sign-up as a member of Nexus Global.



This article was published by @future24 on behalf of Michael Thomale @michael.thomale.


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