Life with music.

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Nowadays, there is no need for you to download and keep your favorite music on your phone, if you just want to listen to it. This time has passed.

Musical accompaniment has a significant impact on human life; it is a fact.

Music is the basis of our relationship with other people and with the whole world.
Background music sounds in bars, gyms, stores, coffee shops and in buses. There are so many places where music is required.
With the Moozicore app, public visitors will be able to choose that particular music they want to hear there. 

So, if you use the Moozicore application in an institution, a selection of songs will be displayed on the TV monitor. 

Shopping trips can also be brightened up with your favorite music.
A restaurant where you can hear the music that you like is much more attractive as well.

For those who have an application, there is a special push-message service. It means that, if you are near the institution, where Moozicore platform is supported, you can add your favorite tunes to the playlist. Moreover, you can add some notification about new events or special offers.
The Moozicore platform works with the help of the leading IoT systems.
This is how it operates:
The calculations are performed by MooziCoins: MZI and MZG tokens, fulfilling smart contracts.

Now you can buy tokens MooziCoin Gold (MZG) with a discount here.

Institution owners get access to millions of songs from the licensed Moozicore library for a small monthly fee.
Clients can control music or vote.

There is an interesting advertising to attract more customers.
MooziCoins tokens are compatible with the well-established Ethereum platform, wallets and burses. It guarantees secure storage and transactions.
Moozicore platform will add color, improve mood and make your favorite music more accessible.

More detailed information: 



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It is high time to introduce blockchain into the sphere of music.

or music on the blockchain))

Good. that with this project you can participate in the selection of music. Thank you for the interesting information.

I can influence the music in the institution.

that's a good idea. project class

I think so too

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Thank you, very nice

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