Eternal magic of gold

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   Gold charms and attracts everyone; it gives strength, gifts reasonableness, draws well-being, increases activity and prolongs life. 

Moreover, it is a powerful conductor of energy which has a healing power. In ancient times it was believed that the power of the Earth was concentrated in this precious metal.


In addition, people thought that it possessed magical properties. 

By attractive power, gold is more forceful than a magnet. Studies have confirmed that when a person examines gold, there is activated that part of the brain that is responsible for dreaming.

Scientists believe that gold affects women and men completely differently. I think, that with the accumulation of gold it becomes possible to use its energy to increase vitality. 

Platinum has the ability to purify the energy of man, silver - balances energy. The purer the composition of the metal and the less impurities it contains, the stronger its properties. Precious metals can have any form, but the most “pure” ones- are those in the “format” of bullions. 

When you invest in precious metals, risks are much less. And if this is an investment in cryptoactives, confirmed by precious metals, then this is a win-win variant.

  If you want to invest in the future, it is worth choosing this particular assetIn a few years it will allow you not only to save money, but to make a profit. 

The prices for cryptoactive assets of gigzi metals correspond to the price of precious metals. It makes investments reliable and stable. 

Gigzi was developed on the basis of a well-tried ethereum platform, which works on the blockchain technology. At the same time, the security of the savings is guaranteed by the authentication process for accessing the gigzi wallet through the recognition of the iris.

Supports basic cryptocurrency. 

Perth Mint, due to the reserves in the metal, carried out the provision of cryptoactivities with precious metals. This fact adds confidence. Owners of gigzi tokens can, if they wish, receive their investments in valuable metal bullions, which are confirmed by special certificates. 

Investors will receive reward every 90 days. Another advantage is that, gigzi investors don’t pay for the metal storage. Moreover,   when they exchanging cryptoactive assets for the precious metal, commission is not charged. The platform makes it possible not only to save funds, but also to quickly exchange on another Gigzi metals, depending on price fluctuations, as well as on cryptocurrency or fiat money. The exchange is carried out without intermediaries and with the help of smart contracts. 

Gigzi currencies are metals: platinum, gold and silver, as well as the cryptoactive Gigzi Black (GZB). 

There are some applications, that ensure the functioning of the modern decentralized financial system, which is called Gigzi. They are: the exchanger, wallet and the exchequer. The main functions of this application: ease and convenience in using, as well as the ability to protect and manage your own wealth independently.

 Gigzi is a way to make changes, expand opportunities and get freedom in the world of cryptocurrency.  Protected, secure, decentralized, with financially independent users.

Find out the benefits on the official website:  

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Good article. described information


Thanks for the interesting review! I want to invest in this project!

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