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Although, the popularity of cryptocurrency has grown like a wild-fire,(having around 24million users). Yet the potential contribution of the gaming industry cannot be overemphasized. The current world’s population stands at about 7.4billion people while over 2billion are gamers. Report has it that more than 1billion of these gamers use money to play games. Now, just imagine just 20-30% of this figure makes use of cryptocurrency, the implication of this is that the gaming industry will massively increase the current cryptocurrency size by more than ten times the current size of blockchain. Hence, giving it a huge facelift. Towards the interaction, integration of the gaming industry and blockchain network, EON Protocol is one of the key players that has stepped forward with milestone solution and their vision, mission is simple, yet succinct: to improve the gaming design and experience, through their decentralized Dgames development and thereby bringing cryptocurrency to more than we already have.

However, there are some challenges facing this:
Blockchain engineers cannot develop real games with great gameplay, while the real game developers with the proper knowledge to design real games that are dynamic and captivating are without required skills for blockchain technology. Hence, the development of decentralized Dgames is almost impossible for them as they may have to learn blockchain technology with its programming languages, at the same learn to integrate crypto and digital assets. This is both difficult and very expensive. Fortunately, EON Protocol has built some Dgames successfully and extended invitation to help developers. Now, developer can focus on development of Dgames while EON protocols helps to integrate games with blockchain easily.

There is hardly a game that doesn’t make use of in-game money. Either funded with gamer’s local currency or it was won in the game. The games also make use of in-game acquired assets which can also be bought with money. But none of these has a tradable value outside that game itself. Hence, EON Protocol introduced the concept of Dgames with cryptocurrencies as well as non-fungible-tokens (NFT) which can be traded and exchanged with another gaming platform or another crypto coin without hassle. But while the public blockchain does well with digital assets, they don’t do well at all with large scale, logic-heavy Dgames. This implies that if Dgames is hosted on the blockchain, it will be annoyingly slow and as well be expensive which no gamer will find interesting.

EON Protocol uses a 2 layer: on/off chain solution to help Dgames run optimally like traditional games. They achieved this by letting every other thing but financial transaction between participants be carried out offchain while the financial transactions and confirmations are done onchain. Also, contrary to traditional games, EON Protocol makes use of multiple cryptocurrencies which can be exchanged with another cryptocurrency and other gaming platforms. EON also replaces the third-party wallet with their SDK wallet which can hold more than one cryptocurrency and make the transaction of non-fungible tokens (NFT) easy and better.

The official token for the EON Protocol is EOT which is short for Entertainment Open Protocol. EON Protocol is in the last quarter on their roadmap where they have just launched the test version of the EOT while the next is their launching proper which makes NOW almost the best time to take part in the project. The project has a hard cap of total supply of EOT token of 2.1 billion, they will support coin burn mechanism when the coin is initially issued. The circulating supply of EOT token will be gradually increased when incentives for community, team and investors are released gradually and the token distribution is explained in this image below

Summarily, EON has a huge prospect, they have a great team and resources towards a succinct decentralized solution to give Dgames its right leading place on the blockchain network as well as promote a widespread adoption of cryptocurrency and they have what it takes to fulfill their promise of bringing cryptocurrency to more people.

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