eCoinomics may fare better than Bitcoin

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Last week I talked about the eCoinomics project and introduced us to the problems it addresses and its succinct solutions....this week I will compare and contrast the prospective project with the almighty Bitcoin as well as highlight even the advantage of the promising coin over the great bitcoin.
The bitcoin saw a peak of close to $20,000 towards the end of year 2017 and everyone had the expectation it will keep growing by 2018 but the great coin had since february 2018 taken several drops while the price is currently fluctuating.

What has this information got to do with the bitcoin and the general blockchain market generally?
First, it's worthy to note that Bitcoin is currently the leading crypto asset at the moment and as such, other coins are taking their cues after it which makes the bitcoin to technically determine and dictate the fate and values of other altcoins....Have you ever imagined a time when a coin will have value than the bitcoin?...Well, never say never.

But the question you all will ask me is, if bitcoin determines the price of other altcoins, then what determines the value of bitcoin? Plus what factors sponsors its increment?


Currently, the value and increase in the value of bitcoin has been merely political, emotional and diplomatic, unlike what eCoinomics has as its potential. The reason for this is because bitcoin is only lucky to be the first successful crypto asset, and though it's a decentralized financial system, yet it doesn’t have a specific decentralized solution it offers or is tackling unlike eCoinomics that has a decentralized fiat lending using crypto assets as collateral…So, apart from being a financial asset, it doesn't have system of solution/service it offers like eCoinomics which has the ability to independently add to its value
So, the chance that bitcoin has for a rise is either one good positive news, or a great endorsement from a big government or a huge corporation like the anticipated ETF program....what happens is that such positive news or information appeases the mind of the public, thereby creating more interest for acquisition which in turn increases demand and makes the price go up....


But this is not so for eCoinomics project
eCoinomics can be regarded to as any successful market commodity whose product/services has an independent value system which it offers, and in this case, is a fiat lending project that takes crypto assets as collateral. This is one sure project that is not only promising to be successful, but also promises a more realistic growth rate.

The project offers a decentralized fiat lending system, this on its own attracts more fiat money into the blockchain market which had always been a major challenge to the general blockchain, the consequences for this means that people can start seeing crypto assets as a legal tender, so long crypto assets will serve as a tender for fiat money which is already a legal tender.


Another prospect of this is that, the project has a self-capacity for growth, this is seen in the inflow of fiat money into the system and the inflow, participation of existing traditional financial institutions. This development will be a truly huge breakthrough for the whole blockchain market as more confidence can be vested in the crypto currency and this in turn will drive an ever increased interest in the eCoinomics project, a certain growth that will seamlessly influence the increase in the value of the coin. The coin has successfully completed its presale and development sale stage, while it is currently on the reserve sale stage which will fortunately keep running till the hard cap is reached and that gives you my reader or anyone the opportunity of taking part early in this very promising project. The platform for the project shall launch by November for early adopters while the public will have theirs by December. Its price as from august 2nd, 2018 shall be 0.0005ETH per 1CNC (1ETH=2000CNC).

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