eCoinomic sets out to make crypto coins a legal tender

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Let me introduce you all to, one of the very few cryptocurrencies and decentralized solution projects that actually brought a relief to the tense worries of the traditional financial institutions over cryptocurrency and vice versa.

As the digital market is evolving, everyone is coming on board with different cards on the table, and has placed a big one to further the reality of the dream of every digital asset holders in the inevitable digital world at hand. seeks to marry traditional financial institutions with the blockchain technology by offering the service of decentralized financial fiat lending to crypto owners using crypto coins as collateral....Simply put, this means, for the first time, crypto assets can truly be regarded as a legal tender and used to transact with the fiat money. Isn't that beautiful? Here's with few of testimonies about the project


The first of the breakthrough with this is that, now, more and more financial institutions are coming on board the blockchain market which consequently means more liquidity for the cryptocurrency market. Also, to access quick and urgent funds when needed from financial institution until now has been almost impossible or difficult, the long and tedious processes involved makes the funds unfit for quick and emergency use and the sad part of it is that it may even not come through in the end. But with this eCoin project, everyone can say goodbye to the long process as funds can be accessed quickly in no time, users are also saved the stress of documents submission and verification as will stand between the borrowers and financial institutions as guarantee and there is no such thing as being turned down for lending, so long the borrower has a reputable crypto asset for a collateral. Lastly, has come as a solution to the perpetual losses of crypto owners in the times past due to the high risk of volatility of the digital assets. Majority that acquired some digital coins late last year at a high rate who for one reason or the other had need for money this year when the market price had fallen, sadly had to sell their assets at a cheaper rate, even though the market promised to shoot up anytime, but their needs gave them no choice than to just go on with the selling and not mind the loss. With the intervention of, crypto owners now no longer need be forced to sell any of their assets to raise needed funds, rather, they can use them as collateral to borrow any fiat money, pay back their loan and have ownership of their digital assets which makes it a win-win for everyone.

see how the project works in the image below

ecc2.JPG has announced CNC to be their official token, this coin shall be used on the platform for service fee, and can as well be used as collateral for fiat loans and at the same time can be exchanged for other crypto coins too. The coin has successfully completed its presale and development sale stage, while it is currently on the reserve sale stage which will fortunately keep running till the hard cap is reached and that gives you my reader or anyone the opportunity of taking part early in this very promising project. The platform for the project shall launch by November for early adopters while the public will have theirs by December. Its price as from august 2nd, 2018 shall be 0.0005ETH per 1CNC (1ETH=2000CNC).

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