NextPakk Delivery Service: How it works

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A user shop on his or her favourite online shop globally and get goods delivered to his doorsteps through the NextPakk delivery and logistics service. NextPakk package delivery service is built on the blockchain technology where a package is never missing, stolen or delivered to the wrong address. A user registers on the NextPakk and is issued a personalized NextPakk delivery address. The user uses the NextPakk delivery address as his delivery address on the online shops he patronizes for his purchases. The package will be delivered to Nextpakk delivery platform for onward delivery to the user from the online shops. (11).png

When the package is received by NextPakk delivery and logistics platform from the online shop where purchases were made. A notification is sent to the user to inform him of the receipt of the package and for the user to make a schedule of when he wants to receive the package. The user then decides when he wants the package to be delivered by giving a convenient day and time that user will be at home to receive the package. NextPakk delivers the package base on users’ convenient time and schedules with a one hour within waiting time. Payment of services rendered is in Pakka token on the platform. NextPakk delivery services offers include evenings deliveries 7 times a week until midnight ,365 days in a year.

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