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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are disrupting the traditional financial model for businesses and consumers alike. Government monetary policies are changing too. Some nation's governmental attitudes toward cryptocurrencies are changing from around the world. Some countries are researching the cryptocurrency, its economy and the blockchain technology behind it for present or future possible use.

Cryptocurrencies are created to work on the shortcomings of the fiat currencies. Currencies that are produced and issued by the government thereby controlled by them. Cryptocurrencies are created on the decentralized blockchain technology that is not controlled by anybody, organization or government.

Cryptocurrencies are used anonymously from any part of the world with no restriction, It is borderless. The cost of doing transactions with the cryptocurrencies are cheaper than the fiat currencies and are much faster in transaction completion. This makes cryptocurrencies transaction more successful. They have low transaction fees compared to the high and various fees charged by traditional banks. Traditional bank's transaction processes and procedures are long and cumbersome with lots of paperwork, especially on the international transaction.

There is a strong momentum around the blockchain technology which is harnessing all aspect of our lives to the crypto economy. The blockchain technology is gradually being accepted by nations of the world as they are beginning to understand and see its importance. The blockchain is seen as the best invention of modern time while the cryptocurrency is seen as an instrument to give power back to the people. Which is why some governments are fighting it but the crypto economy will win at the end.

Cryptocurrencies will ends government sovereignty on the financial institute and monetary policies. The future of money is the cryptocurrencies because the crypto market is free and fair. It allows everyone to indulge in it as an equal party with no prejudice.

Some nations across the globe have accepted the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some have gone ahead to create their national cryptocurrencies which are accepted as a legal tender while some are silent about it or have shown interest in the technology behind it the blockchain. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have friendly countries that have directly or indirectly endorsed its usage by creating national policies in its favor. While some other countries have a wait-and-see approach. Countries that are silent or have shown interest in Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies includes Argentina , Australia , Brazil, Bulgaria , Canada , Chile , China , Colombia , Croatia , Cyprus , Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia , Finland, France , Germany , Greece , Hong Kong , India , Indonesia , Iran , Ireland , Israel , Italy , Japan , Kazakhstan , Kenya , Latvia , Luxembourg , Malaysia , Mexico , New Zealand , Norway , Philippines , Poland, Portugal , Russia , Singapore, Slovenia , South Africa , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , Ukraine , United Kingdom, United States Venezuela , Vietnam

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The cryptocurrency is creating a paradigm shift from the use of fiat currency to the use of digital cash and many countries and businesses are beginning to accept virtual currency as a means of payment method. The AmbaCoin was created as a result of the need for independence by people of Southern Cameron a country in West – Central Africa. Cameroon is geographically located in West Africa, but politically and economically integrated into Central(Middle) Africa.

Ambazonia is real, a new country with its sovereignty in today’s world. The Republic of Ambazonia was created against all odds. The English speaking people from Southern Cameroon people have created a new country for themselves from the French-speaking people of Cameron. They are political and economically marginalized and intend to seek their independence using the cryptocurrency. Processes and procedure for that are ongoing with the United Nation, African Union and other world bodies with positive outcomes.

What the AmbaCoin Offers

  1. The AmbaCoin cryptocurrency is created to give a financial transactional alternative to the use of fiat currency to its user with a secure and fast transaction process. Users are able to transfer funds using the AmbaCoin fast and cheap to any part of the globe with no stress and at their convenient.

  2. The AmbaCoin offers to its user an asset-backed cryptocurrency that is backed by a national treasury of Ambazonia. Investors of AmbaCoin are considered to have invested in the nation’s treasury bills or bond. This is so because AmbaCoin is a government-backed investment.

  3. The AmbaCoin is a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain. The issuance of the cryptocurrency aims to create a crypto economy with economic structured smart contracts that will provide a stable future for the citizens of Ambazonia.

  4. The AmbaCoin provides a definite future to its investors since it is a cryptocurrency that is backed by the government of Ambazonia. The AmbaCoin can be repurchased by the government and people of Ambazonia since its an acceptable means of exchange in the new country.

  5. The AmbaCoin offers a guaranteed profit to investors that will purchase the coins during ICO. Investors during ICO sales are eligible for bonuses and discount which will translate to return on investment.

  6. The Ambazonia Republic has friendly cryptocurrency regulations and policies that will encourage cryptocurrencies and its usage. The country's legal tender will be virtual and fiat currency. This will create the demand for AmbaCoin cryptocurrencies by its citizens, their natives in the diaspora and other African countries.

  7. The AmbaCoin allows passive revenue generation as users can stake their AmbaCoin for more rewards of the AmbaCoin.

  8. The AmbaBond will be issued to those that are skeptical about the cryptocurrency which will act just like the traditional government bonds issued by the bank which can be held for a specific period with a maturity date.

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Final Thoughts

The AmbaCoin is created to liberate the people of Southern Cameron from the control of a government that had politically and economically marginalized them. The cryptocurrency was created to give hope and control to the people of Ambazonia. The blockchain technology and the AmbaCoin is realizing this great hallmark for the Ambazonia. The AmbaCoin cryptocurrency offers a coin that is backed by a nation’s treasury. The first in Africa and will surely have a high demand. The Ambazonia treasury will repurchase the cryptocurrency from early investment which ensures a positive return on investment.

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