Lix Platform seed funding round

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January is not over yet, but as we promised, we will hold a Seed round starting today!

A touch early but that is because our project is progressing so fast.

On this Seed Round we accept only investors which contact us by email. This is a precaution to prevent too big whales to enter this early. It will also give us the chance to interact with investors and thus get to know them better.

  • For 1 ETH investors will get 1500 LIX tokens. Investors who will send in 20 ETH will get 2000 LIX tokens per 1 ETH
  • The seed round will end on 25th February 2018; you can check the countdown on

Investors will receive their LIX tokens on the wallet address from which they will send ETH.
If you send ETH from an exchange, the LIX tokens cannot be credited to you.

After sending, you will receive the LIX tokens as soon as our team verifies your transaction was legitimate — satisfying all above conditions.
If you send ETH to a wrong address, the LIX tokens cannot be credited to you, nor can we credit the ETH back to you. Please verify the address is correct before making the transaction.

The contact email address for all potential investors is: [email protected]
For any questions you can contact us on: [email protected]
Or ask in our telegram channel:

Best regards,

Lix Platform team