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Hey followers, hey Steemians!

Anybody interested in this ICO? https://hashcard.io

Source: https://twitter.com/hashcard

I've read the whitepaper. The idea behind that is great - to pay with crypto by a card, like by a common debit card. But in my opinion, tx fee 1.75% for each transaction is horrible (not mentioning other monthly or annual fees). And the worst thing for speculators is that nothing from that fees is going to holders of tokens. Jesus, why? Do they think, we're that stupid?! If you buy, for example, SiaCoin, you'll receive your share from every paid fee on network.

I truly wanted to find any good reason to use this card - but I haven't found any. All right, in case, you want to stay anonymous, you pay with BTC, or

XMR (for more, please read https://steemit.com/monero/@mmaarrttiinn11/monero-xmr) or

DeepOnion (using Tor you're truly anonymous, for more, read my previous post: https://steemit.com/deeponion/@mmaarrttiinn11/onion-a-truly-anonymous-cryptocurrency).

And what is important - without that terrible fee 1.75%.

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You will be able to pay with that special card in common store. But what's the point? When you buy bread and milk in a supermarket or some electronics in Best buy, you don't need to be anonymous and you don't need to pay any extra tx fee...

On the other hand, they have a fancy marketing, very good looking pics and 10k followers on Twitter. For example, MANNA (https://steemit.com/manna/@mmaarrttiinn11/manna-a-weekly-passive-income-for-everybody) launched in 2015, has only 8k. Taking this into consideration, it could be good short-term speculation as their marketing is very good.

Best platform for trading cryptocurrencies is Binance:


Never invest more than what you can afford to lose. This post is my personal opinion, do your own research before making any investment decisions. If you make any trades after reading this post, it is completely in your responsibility. I am not responsible for any of your losses. By reading this post you acknowledge and accept that.


After reading your summary of this ICO, it is better not put any penny on it.

Yeah, me neither. I don't want to rely on a possible hype after ICO is launched...

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It's a scam. The admins have shut down the ICO after it became cleat that no cards were arriving.