Overview of the Leonardian ICO

in ico •  4 months ago

In the ever-growing market for software products and services increasingly provided by
freelancers there is a space for a single marketplace where clients and freelancers can
meet easily without intermediaries in a structured and transparent way with mechanisms
protecting both sides.
Current marketplaces are geared towards providing either products: software and
other intellectual-property items such as music, video, 3D, etc. or freelance services.
But often the suppliers of these products and services are the same while business or
individual clients require not only the digital assets but also supporting services to help
them properly use, maintain and tailor them to their needs. In addition, the existing
marketplaces come with very high transaction costs and other inefficiencies in the
process of approval of providers, protection of clients, as well as payment delays and
withdrawal barriers.
Leonardian is a blockchain-based all-in-one marketplace for digital assets including
software products and copyright items, as well as freelance services. It comes with
the needed benefits such as low flat transaction fee, bulletproof quality assurance
mechanism protecting all parties, efficient payment mechanism and full predictability
and transparency of conditions locked in the smart contract of the blockchain.
Decentralized and self-governing in its essence, it is a stable and efficient platform
designed to avoid any potential capability issues, payment and transaction bottlenecks
as well as to protect all parties including providers, clients and investors interested in the

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