How Transparency will Help Network Marketing Firms

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The phenomenon that is Multi-Level Marketing has caused searing changes across the globe in the way business, big and small, even conglomerate interact with their target customers and attract end-consumers to their products. This innovative marketing scheme has unlocked what were previously unknown potentials in the field of marketing, as businesses can essentially run marketing campaigns on auto-pilot, as they spend little and reap a lot in sales. The high reward to investment ratio is what has made this marketing strategy the darling of marketing departments of companies around the world.

But like everything that is highly successful, MLM has not been without its criticisms. The fascinating marketing tools have been tagged with many less than healthy attributes, chief among them being that it is essentially a Ponzi scheme that leaves the end marketer with empty hands. There are companies and businesses around the world that seemed to abuse the success of this marketing strategy which attracts negative attention, which has led to the banning of this useful tool in some regions of the world. In order to reverse this negative trend, and growing animosity against MLM from some authorities around the world, a clear transparent ecosystem is needed. Transparency going forward must be the priority for any business running an MLM campaign, and this transparency will help companies in the following ways:

Reassure Governments: Any serious business that is focused on its goal to thrive and excel against competition must strive to act within the bounds of the law. MLM campaigns have had their fair share of negativity from authorities, as some believe them to be scams. A Transparent MLM campaign that shows just how beneficial the scheme is not just to the companies themselves, but to every participant among their customers, end-users, and ultimately the governments themselves, will go a long way in allaying the fears of authorities of capital flight, tax evasion or fraud being run within the schemes.

Add Credibility to Companies: It is not just authorities that companies need to please alone. Their distributors and ultimately end-users of their products need to trust the companies they are dealing, which is a very crucial reason why MLM campaigns need to be as open as possible. MLM campaigns must be about adding value to those who participate in them and giving the consumer a great product that they will be more than happy to part with their money for. The moment an MLM campaign appears to be self-seeking and only after making some extra cash for the company, it loses all credibility, which might trigger a backlash in the form of customer-apathy.

Safeguard Investors’ Trust: Whenever we exchange value or make a trade, mistrust is inescapable. What always such mistrust between us and allow business to thrive is the effort to be as transparent as possible, and to reassure those we are doing business with that we will not act maliciously. MLM companies need investors, and investors need reassurance they are dealing with a trustworthy partner. This is why running a transparent campaign aids in building such trust, as, without it, the company will perish and wither away.

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