Invacio is it as good as it seems

in ico •  11 months ago

Hi all Ico Hunters

During my adventure with Blockchain technology i came across Invacio project.

Invacio intends using AI technology to solve some of the worlds most troubling problems as hunger and lack of education.

Its hard to put anything that have had not been said, the biggest question everybody asks themselves is could I strike rich with it, could it be the next Icon Neo, Ether, Bitcoin. The answer is not so easy, it certainly has the potential.
Being an AI in developement project it would compete with other AI based systems that through predicting algorithms will try to gain the edge on all competition.

But what if there is no more edge,no predictiong algorithm is needed anymore, supply and demand are in complete balance since all humans freed themselves of their Barbaric Habits through comprehension of their human nature,understanding their primal instincts to compete and fight survive and evolve to indulge themselves in bliss and pleasure.

All thanks to projects like Invacio AI , IBM cutting egde computer research.
This may be very likely the future.

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