New Bitcoin/Ethereum - Universa Blockchain preICO - 50 Free tokens

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Universa preICO
Universa Blockchain Protocol, 1000x faster than Bitcoin, 100x cheaper, universal smart contacts via API and Smart Money.

Universa Blockchain Platform - is the reinvention of protocol to democratize the cost of the transactions and usefulness of blockchain. While Bitcoin reinvented gold, we reinvented Money and create Smart Money. We have a working technology for New Generation of Blockchain for apps/enterprises(crypto protocol 1000x faster than Bitcoin/Ether, 100x cheaper, zero-knowledge cryptography inside), excellent team (our CEO - founder of Russian Bitcoin in 2014, most active business angel in Russia and Head of Economic Council in Liberland

FOR AIRDROP REGISTER to get 50 free tokens of mUTN

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Sounds cool - I will look into these... Thanks for the post...

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