ALIS: Japan's First Social Media Platform Using Blockchain Technology. A Rewards System to Distinguish Trustworthy Articles

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Social media has become the basis of the daily life of people. The way we eat food every day, in the same way, we have brought social media into our everyday lives. Social websites have become the first choice of people, and they spend many hours daily here. Social media is also being used to talk to friends and relatives. It is the easiest way to connect with new friends. On these websites, accounts of all types of small and big business are easily available which helps their customers to know about it in detail. Social media is not only famous among ordinary people, Actors, Artist, Singers & Leaders also accounts available there. Merchants also prefer social sites to promote their business. Looking at the increasing activity of the people, businessmen like to support their activities on social media sites. Technology is also one of the main reason for the rise in their growth. Today, mobile phones of all typ[es are available in the market, so that every person can get mobile according to his income. The increasing productivity of mobile, social media is becoming more popular.


What's ALIS Project (ALIS)

ALIS is Japan’s first distributed social media platform. It is a platform where many individuals can create and find useful articles. Here you can post & find valuable articles.
ALIS is a social media platform that provides their customers with reliable data from specialists in no time. Their mission is to filter through the myriad of advertising and hiding promoting campaigns. ALIS goal is to produce a lot of reliable data than ancient media retailers.

Advantages of ALIS:

  • Discover High-Quality Articles
  • Return on Platform Value
  • High Reliability at a Lower Cost
  • High-quality articles that can be accessed quickly and easily
  • More reliable information than traditional media outlets
  • Fraud is prevented
  • Blockchain technology used in ALIS




  • Fund min cap: 11,666 ETH
  • Accept Token: ETH
  • Fund max Cap: 125,000 ETH
  • Max ALIS supply: 250,000,000 ALIS

How the money will be utilized

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