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According to the Bureau of Meteorology Climate change is one of the biggest problem earth is facing and Climate change will continue in the decades ahead. And Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history.  Changes in the climate, particularly in weather and climate extremes, can have a very significant impact on our environment and wellbeing, including on ecosystems, agriculture, and the built environment. The main effects of this warming are especially evident in the planet’s polar regions. Arctic sea ice extent and volume have been decreasing for the past several decades. Both the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have lost significant amounts of ice. Most of the world’s glaciers are in retreat. 

Buildings contribute about 33% of all global emissions which is mainly caused by commercial buildings and the electricity they consume and both industrial and residential buildings also play considerable importance.

Bluenote Protocol

Bluenote was built on blockchain technology to create a Decentralized ecosystem which provides open access so that building operators all around the world can improve minds on new and different ways to waste less energy through distributed data intelligence.

Existing Problems 

The main problem is the difficulty of getting the right data to make the best decisions about Buildings energy efficiency because mainly people dont really recognize the value of of having engery data for Buildings so most owners dont really like investing in the idea of getting data from their buildings because they dont see the point. 

And another major problem why the real value data of buildings energy rarely available is most of this commercial buliding like privacy and sharing data openly is not safe for them . So when this data are actually been taken or recorded they get lost in transition because most building operations dont know what they need to do with the data they have , and they get stored with diffent vendors silos unused because everybody doesn't  want to share personal data making it difficult to find how enegry consumption by buildings can be reduced .

Statistics has however shown that 33% of greenhouse gas emissions are from these buildings. 

All this coupled along with the fact that commercial buildings are growing at about exponential rate world wide, this is hurting our planet and something has to give.

There is the need for a open-source decentralized system where energy data will be available to building owners publicly and the world can make collective efforts to reducing energy consumption and subsequently, emissions of harmful carbon gases.

The world needs Bluenote

The Innovative Solution With Bluenote Project 

Data is key to the success of the Bluenote protocol. Data needs to be collected seamlessly, stored securely and analyzed in an actionable manner. This data has to be of the right quality and quantity, collected by devices in buildings all around the world, and made available on the blockchain through distributed nodes.

How It Will Work?

Existing Hardware: Integrating the bluenote protocol with existing hardware devices in commercial buildings is the first and most important step to the adoption of this protocol.

According to the bluenote whitepaper, most of the buildings built over the past 20 years comes with Direct Digital Control (DDC) and the usage of smart meters have soared over the past 8 years.

This simply goes to prove that the base smart infrastructure for the adoption of bluenote by commercial buildings are already in place and integration with the bluenote protocol does not necessarily need for dedicated hardware devices to go into mass production.

Existing Software: Just like smart hardware are already present in buildings capable of recording different datasets, there is also software installed locally capable of analyzing sets of data to an extent. Bluenote will now utilize this to its advantage by working software vendors on ways of making this data available on the blockchain through distributed nodes.

This is a game changer for the commercial building industry because for the first time ever there will be millions of data of building all around the world available in a decentralized network. This creates a marketplace in which building owners can use these different set of data available to cut down on their energy costs and vendors who are more concerned about selling hardware that these buildings will use can also do that through the marketplace. 

Some of the major work between the bluenote team and the software vendors will be towards;

  • Building Automation System Server
  • Building Energy Management System 
  • Finical Management Software

More information about this is in the bluenote whitepaper, kindly read through it.

Building Inputs: As I have mentioned earlier, data is the backbone of the bluenote protocol and in order to make the data collection process as easy and seamless as possible, bluenote will make available a prototype of an "easy-to-use, data input front-end". This prototype will kickstart the ecosystem and marketplace and as time goes on more sophisticated data input front-ends can be added by the community due to its open-source nature.

The prototype "data input front-end" provided by bluenote will record three major data sets, namely

  • One Time data / Annual data
  • Monthly data
  • Quarterly Data

you can find more information about this data sets in the bluenote whitepaper.

The Project Plan

How to get the Bluenote Token 

  • By Uploading data
  • Buying on an exchange 
  • Use of your data

1 Bluenote is equivalent to CHF 0.01

And a total of 12,500,000,000 Bluenote tokens will be released, of which 6,250,000,000 Bluenote tokens will be for sale with over 50% up for sale.

Token symbol: BNOW

Minimum Buy-in (Private sale)- CHF 2500

Minimum Buy-in (Public sale) - CHF 100

Maximum Buy-in - CHF 1,000,000

*CHF = Swiss Francs ( Swiss National Currency).


I love everything about this project, I am Meteorologist and this is the best project I have seen this year. Global warming been causing havoc for years now and we have to do our part to help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and Buildings are one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gases. The Bluenote Protocol based on blockchain technology would help standardize data streams from buildings to help regulate and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

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This is a great post about how blockchain can help global warming, I like this platform very much

Thanks we need to be generally conscious about all this things too and try help as much as we can because global warming is getting worst day by day

This is a very innovative project that i love so much...thanks for a well-written piece because am all about a greener world

Thanks you can find more information on our Whitepaper and see how you can join the movement

great stuff

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