Top 10 ICOs to invest in December 2017

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The initial coin offering market has revolutionized the cryptocurrency environment. In fact, it has brought a variety of solutions for long-standing issues. If you are contemplating on investing in ICO Bitcoin, then here's a guide and blueprint of the top 10 ICOs to invest in December 2017 that might increase the value of your portfolio.

1. Legend Coin:
This operates differently unlike any other blockchain platform. It aims at providing wallet solutions, life insurance and much more. It also uses investor capital to conduct aggressive investment strategies.

2. HotCrypto ICO:
They are currently launching a new platform that will offer a lending platform to crypto enthusiasts. They intend to offer four options that can release investor's capital after 90 days.

3. Unix Coin:
They plan to launch a platform that will offer investors a chance the lend money for interests of over 1% each day.

4. Bitquence ICO:
This allows investors to purchase cryptocurrencies in pre-diversified baskets and send value anywhere without any hassle. Their decentralized risk and a quality rating for any asset.

5. Power Ledger ICO:
They are distributed interoperable platform that supports an extensive suite of energy-focused apps. They aim at solving declining utilization of electricity networks and low penetration of renewables.

With the aim of bridging the gap between Blockchain technology and mass market, SIRIN LABS is among the leading crypto platforms to consider. Their token sale is starting on 12th December.

7. Qurito:
Their reliable and valuable content will help you gain ideas and knowledge in the crypto market. They have two token sale phases, i.e., pre-sale and main-sale.

8. Guts Tickets ICO:
They aim at facilitating fair-use as well as good user-experience. Their smart tickets will protect investors from fraudsters.

9. SFI Coin ICO:
This has received a massive response from investors. They are currently launching their new platform to enhance payment of goods and services through the faster transfer of funds.

10. Numiv Coin ICO:
This is another most promising ICO trade in December 2017. It provides five different ways, affiliate, trade, stake, mine, and lend.

ICO is both lucrative and risky. It requires proper caution through a selection of the right ICO. The above are the best ones you can select this December.

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You have mentioned a lot of lending programs which I know for a fact are scams. If you have read the whitepaper of HotCrypto, UNIX and SFI then you'd know that they have been copied word by word. It's like the same person owns all of them. Two more lending ICOs which are and ethconnect have copied the same whitepaper. I understand your point that if you get in at the start you might be able to make a 10x profit but the person who buys it from you is surely to loose their money.
Also power ledger ICO is long over.
Sirin Labs does not have a prototype and the last phone they released was priced at something like $17k and was super slow.
Kindly take what I've said as constructive criticism. I would hate for people to lose money knowing that I could've made a difference.