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Introduce to LIPCHAIN:

A good decentralized ecosystem that delivers surfers with sponsors, friendly competitions and year-circular learning environments.
60 million surfers from all over the world can earn tokens by merely practicing a collective sport and publishing videos and photographs in the LIPCHAIN application. They can become champions quicker and at the same time donate to the purification of the oceans.
LIPCHAIN programs to build inland wave pools for year-round training, accompanied by an island



Inside our time, the sport is gaining increasing attractiveness. Active promotion of a wholesome lifestyle usually is bearing fruit and, a growing number of, young persons head to sports activities halls to hold their physique and body in excellent condition. However, a number of them usually do not want to be frequently in the stuffy halls but prefer outdoor activities. As a result, the recognition of such a sport as browsing commenced growing. However, sadly, it is pretty challenging to discover a place where you could do that sport. The LIPCHAIN software permits surfers and sailors from all over the world to publish their photographs and videos and make money by practicing a typical game. LIPCHAIN is usually a decentralized landscape, featuring sponsor surfers, free contests and a year-round learning environment.
To help athletes take part in surfing also when there is entirely no such opportunity, it is envisaged to build LIPWAVE Pool area Centers, that will offer Olympic training conditions over summer and winter. These centers allow 100 athletes to visit, creating a wave every 6-8 secs with an hourly cost of 20 €. This ensures that each LIPWAVE Pool area Center can generate excellent waves for a lot more than 1,000 surfers each day. The first LIPWAVE center will be built-in Portugal, and the area for the next will be decided by transparent voting by the LIPCHAIN network. Also, ideas to create an ecological holiday resort around the center.

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