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Initial Public Coin Offering is a way for us to raise money for this cryptocurrency project.
We are distributing 5,400,000 of the initial coin supply among the backers.
To protect our users we hired a world class escrow.
In this page you can find all informations about distribution, escrow, timeline and ICO milestones.

Useful links

ICO Signup:

Escrow details

Legendary Escrow service is provided by: SebastianJu

Escrow service is applied only for BTC investments. While Ethereum investments will be made directly on our ICO Platform

The bitcoin escrow address is NOT FOR DIRECT INVESTING

ONLY invest after reading SebastianJu's terms regarding how to invest and how a refund can happen if ICO threshold will not be reached.

The refund terms and the refund fees, including the minimum refund fee:

Please check occasionally that the escrow address in OP is the same like it is in escrow post and inform SebastianJu quickly and neg-rep the us if it changed.

ICO Threshold:

ICO will be considered successful completed if we reach a minimum total (BTC+ETH) of 100 BTC.
If 100 BTC target will not be reached, all investors will be refunded.

After a period of 2 week, binaries and sources will be made available on this website and on GitHub.
We expect also to land on main exchanges.


40% at the end of ICO, when we release client sources and XLC distribution is over
20% after releasing client update with Integration API
20% after releasing iOS, Android and PHP libraries to easily integrate with LeviarCoin client
20% along with publishing the new version of the client that allow to manage DRM over blockchain

Crowdfunding and Bonus

Crowdfunding campaign starts on 7th April 2017 and will end on 9th July 2017.

A total of 5,400,000 XLC will be available, bonus is applied according to this scheme:
20% 0.00040 BTC/XLC 2017-05-06 to 2017-05-26
BTC and ETH are accepted as currencies.
Ethereum change value will be updated every hour basing on the average price accross the main exchanges.

Every unsold coin will be burned and a proof-of-burn will be released.

Risks involved in investing

We want to suggest you to consider some things before you invest, in our, as well as other initial coin offerings:

No investment is without risk.

Unfortunately, to build wealth over time, investors need to accept a significant amount of risk. Leaving money in risk-free investments such as high-yield savings accounts isn't investing at all.
By taking on very little risk, keeping the bulk of your wealth in a savings account practically guarantees you’ll lose purchasing power over the long term due to the rising costs of goods that you might buy with that money.

Market risk

A market crash or decline could crush this investment’s performance, even if the quality of your investment remains the same.

Default risk

Default risk is related to the quality of the underlying investment, and it is more apparent when investing in a single company, through stocks or bonds.

Inflation risk

There is a chance, however, that during any particular time, the measure of inflation, or for a more accurate description in this case, the increase of the cost of goods, can be significantly more than usual.

The first golden rule of investing that you should always follow: Never invest money you cannot afford to lose. Investing is not saving.

Thank you