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What is LeviarCoin?

LeviarCoin is an open-source, secure, private and anonymous currency, based on CryptoNote technology.
Built into the main client will be implemented a software protection tool and a set of libraries will be released


The losses suffered because of software piracy directly affect the profitability of the software and mobile gaming industry.
Because of the money lost, publishers and developers have fewer resources to research and development of new products; having less revenue to justify lowering software prices, they are forced to pass these costs on to their customers.
Consequently, software publishers, developers, and vendors are taking serious actions to protect their revenues.
Using pirated software there is an increase of the chances that the software will not function correctly or will fail completely.
It is also worth noting that the use of pirated software also drives up the costs for legitimate users - which gives legitimate users even more reason to help fight piracy by reporting to SIIA those organizations and individuals who are not "playing by the rules."


The solution we want to give to users, publishers and developers is a blockchain DRM management software.
To accomplish the task, we based on CryptoNote technology, developing brand new features that help audience to protect its software and to make revenues trading XLC

Integration API

Integration API is a set of new commands bundled into the LeviarCoin daemon.
Its main purpose is to create an encrypted connection to the DRMoB Layer and directly serve required data to the user.

Anti-Fraud/Cheat System and DRMoB Layer

Every software and gaming company dreams to make their products and data as secure as possible using Activation servers, DRM servers, Anti-cheating software, etc. but these protections too much times get hacked or bypassed, for almost all softwares and games, in fact, you can find illegal keys and/or cracked executables (like EXEs, APKs, IPAs).
Our final goal, by creating this tool, is to make available to software and mobile apps developers, a library to prevent these frauds.

LeviarCoin Project explained on: https://leviarcoin.org/project

Escrow: https://leviarcoin.org/terms

Initial Coin Offering

Initial Public Coin Offering is a way for us to raise money for this cryptocurrency project.
We are distributing 5,400,000 of the initial coin supply among the backers.
To protect our users we hired a world class escrow.

In this page you can find all informations about distribution, escrow, timeline and ICO milestones.

ICO informations: https://leviarcoin.org/ico

Where i can invest?

We revamped our ICO platform Sign up here:


Track real-time data: https://ico.leviarcoin.org/statistics