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The use of FIAT currency as an exchange medium has been under lots of threat over the years and as a result of this, there has been new innovation and development in the world of finance. Manual payment method were been used to carry out transaction between parties over the years which this has recorded some set-back
Some of the set back experienced by Manual and tradition payment method have been lack of trust, transparency issue, insecurity, slow processing, and bad customer support. Because of these issues there has been call for permanent solution to the financial payment problems. These problems have force the hands of people to the development of crypto-currency which was introduced in some years back. Ever since the introduction of this crypto-currency there has been an improvement and progress with our financial payment system. This crypto-currency that was launched in those years back was backed-up by the latest technology called “BLOCKCHAIN”. I believed majority if not all of us have seen what this technology is capable of doing. It brings about improvement and greatness to the financial industries.


Presently, crypto-currency has replaced the known FIAT payment method we are used to and because of the improvement and development recorded wherever this technology is been applied it has led to upsurge in the creation of new crypto-currency project. The aims of the new projects has always been to improve the human daily activities in the area like finance, agriculture, health, education, transport and so on. There have been lots of crypto-currency projects on these areas mentioned above but only few have really gotten it right. Despite the huge number of crypto-currency project the world of digital currency still lacking behind in some aspect like digital currency exchange.
The upsurge in the number of crypto-currency projects has made it necessary for availability of good exchange platform and those one we have seen so far are struggling with difficulties such as SECURITY ISSUE, TRUST, HIGH TRANSACTION FEES, BAD USER INTERFACE, LOW LIQUIDITY, LACK OF CUSTOMER SUPPORT, POOR TECHNICALITIES and so on.
The problems observed with the current crypto-currency exchange platform has made it mandatory and priority for the development of new crypto-currency exchange platform and because of this, there is a new project “PRIMEX” which is ready to provide solutions to all the existing problems in the crypto-currency exchange platform and the whole financial industries.


Part of the problems affecting the existing crypto-currency exchange platform such as poor technicalities and insecurity has been a major problem in the financial industries and crypto-currency exchange platform. The crypto-users and traders have been hoping that there will be lasting solutions to these problem and now with the introduction of PRIMEX platform which has come with the improved technicalities and security system, the issue of hacks and glitches that do occur in the other exchange platform would be laid to rest. Majority have forgotten an adage that says “ROME was not built in a day”. It takes a lot of time to develop a good crypto-currency exchange free of bugs, hacks and attacks and because of these the services of an expert is needed to developer this exchange. We have seen lots of funds been lost on some crypto-currency exchange as a result of bugs in the exchange. PRIMEX has gotten an expert who will develop a good crypto-currency exchange with advanced security measures and features.
Unavailability of language support is another problem facing the crypto-currency exchange and its adoption globally. We have seen exchange platform been limited to some specific regions because of the language support which shouldn’t be so. PRIMEX crypto-currency exchange will be the best and unique one because the exchange will be programmed with different languages all over the world which means users from different part of the world and regions would be able to access and use it.
Eradication of third-party is one of the objectives of PRIMEX project and because of this its exchange platform will allow direct trading and exchange of crypto-to-FIAT so as to eradicate the involvement of third-party.
Exchange fee is one of the problem traders are facing crypto-exchange platform. We have seen some exchange charging as high as 10% for exchange fee which this is really affecting the daily traders of crypto-currency. PRIMEX exchange platform will be the only exchange platform with lowest fees in the history of exchange platform.


PRIMEX exchange is configured with good user interface and likewise the exchange platform is designed with some other features which traders would always love to have in an exchange such as SPOT TRADING, MARGIN TRADING, FUTURE, INSTANT EXCHANGE and FREE TRADING FEES.
The launch of this project will allow the trading of coins/tokens against the following pairs: BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, XLM and PXC (PRIMEX).
PRIMEX has launched its own token in the platform in which traders will be using as trading fees and likewise will be used to receive some other incentives and rewards in the platform.

Token Name => PXC
Token Supply => 200,000,000 PXC
Token Circulation => 20,000,000 PXC
Token Sale => 11th Feb – 30th April
Token Price => $0.2 - $0.7
Softcap => 4,000,000 USD
Hardcap => 6,000,000 USD

15,000,000 PXC Allocated to ICO
775,000 PXC Allocated to Marketing cost
1,225,000 PXC Allocated to founder, core team and Advisors
1,500,000 PXC Allocated to Airdrop & Bounty
350,000 PXC Allocated to Blockchain enthusiast
650,000 PXC Allocated to Trading competition

40% Allocated to development
15% Allocated to operating costs
10% Allocated to Marketing costs
25% Allocated to Legal Fees
10% Allocated to Price Stabilization


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