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Remme is a new project that can change the way millions of people think about security on the Internet. The development of modern technologies puts forward new demands, therefore, in such conditions it is most important to protect your privacy and secure your personal data

Peculiarities of the New Project

The main concept around which the project was built is a fundamentally new way of access to websites. Logins and passwords will no longer be needed, and you will not have to memorize them anymore. In the current conditions when one person has several accounts in various social networks, it is extremely important to facilitate the procedure of getting access to any Internet portale5d57d9e4e3cba5ab42f2ab956be16b0.png
The developers of Remme offer a new authentication system, thanks to which the process will be faster and will not require memorization of many passwords. The basis for such an invention and its potential introduction is the blockchain technology, which has long proved its worth. Ukrainian developers, as well as their partners from other places of the world, are engaged in the project’s creation. With joint forces they want to improve the security of the Internet for each individual user.

Despite the fact that the threat of hacking and stealing personal data often does not concern ordinary users, they can become victims of mass attacks.

Development of the Internet of Things

Thanks to the development of communications, the so-called Internet of Things was introduced. Its importance and capitalization are skyrocketing and already amount to about $20 billions. Because of this, there are completely new requirements for the security of data transmission, as well as its speed. The use of blockchain during crypto-currencies transactions has long proved its effectiveness, which is why the project’s developers decided to apply this technology within the framework of this project.

The main goals of the developers include:

  1. Providing the security of ongoing transactions.

  2. Establishing the conditions for the development of technologies and their use in real life.

  3. Enhancement of transactions transparency.

In practice, this means that by using the blockchain technology, it is possible to enhance the transparency of elections, and the European Parliament has already become interested in it. Also, Remme's activities will allow to protect unmanned devices from hacking and abduction. The amount of such devices are growing really fast (in particular, cars). In addition, studies in this area have shown that in the near future modern technologies will allow us to completely forget such a profession as a taxi driver.

The main feature of Remme is the absence of passwords. The developers explain this by the fact that passwords are extremely vulnerable, and modern hackers have learnt to easily search through many combinations. Even the most reliable sets are not a guarantee that you will never be hacked. It is this message that the developers of the project are trying to convey.

It's one thing if a user's page on a social network was hacked; of course, it is annoying, however, it’s not deathful. A completely different thing is when data and passwords are stolen from websites of government agencies and institutions. This can lead to the following losses:

• economic;

• political;

• social.

That is why right now it is necessary to focus as much as possible on security issues, in order not to become victims of scammers in the future.

Advantages of Remme Work

A universal project involves working with several block chains at once, and therefore the users can choose the most appropriate combination for them. In the case of unauthorized access or hacking, the system will be blocked. This is the easiest way to keep data secured and safe.
An important advantage is the fact that the user gets the opportunity to always keep track of events. This is ensured by the fact that only the user knows his/her own secret key, which is a pass to personal information.

The sign-up procedure takes a few seconds, and all information is instantly recorded in a block chain. Thanks to this, the user will not need to wait long for the transition to the next level. Also, the cooperation with professionals minimizes costs, because there is no commission for performing unnecessary transactions.

Moreover, it is possible to create multiple accounts, which increases the variability for the user. He/she is given the opportunity to continue working further in case of difficulties which can’t be solved right at the moment.

Thus, the project will be useful for millions of people, because in fact everyone has many accounts containing important private information. Recently, central servers have been heavily loaded, but thanks to project’s professionals, it will be possible to redistribute loads, which will be beneficial for everyone.

You can join this innovative project right now, since it has been functioning steadily since last fall. Remme developers understand perfectly that they still have work to do, especially given that hackers come up with and implement in practice many new ways of hacking data. Joint efforts give us a chance to change the way people think of logins and passwords that each of us uses daily.
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