FundYourselfNow: The Next Level ICO?

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Watch out! There's a new player in the crowdfunding sector! If you've been noticing the ICO market recently, you can notice that hundreds of millions of dollars had been raised with Tezos sitting at the top with a whopping 232 million raised alone. But raising funds for projects just got a lot easier! Do you have a project in mind and in need to get it started with support and funds? Check out the up and coming FUNDYOURSELFNOW, launching early 2018!


The team behind FundYourselfNow is providing a platform to allow entrepreneurs and start-up companies to raise capital for their projects without the need of any venture capitalists or the hassle of the technical knowledge related with the ICOs. They are aiming to tap into the crowdfunding market with the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, unlike the companies like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

What's So Different About FYN?

FYN claims to be the cheapest way to raise project funds, where they will only charge 5% listing fee and nothing else! On the other hand, funding through companies like Kickstarter will set you back about 9% with the listing and transaction fees. And not only that, FYN is planning to give 5-20% of that 5% back to the investors with their generous rewards program.

Points to consider:

  • They have a milestone based funding system. Meaning, the investors will have control over the funds allocated towards the project. If the project appears to be stalling or failing, the investors will have the power to vote and delay or even stop the milestone payments.
  • Unlike the current ICOs, the project creators at FYN will be thoroughly verified to eliminate any potential for scams.
  • With added social ratings and reviews, FYN will make sure that there's a good deal of interaction between the project community and the investors.
  • To boost their projects, the project creators will also be able to seek professional help from the skillful community at FYN.
  • Project creators will be able to create virtual tokens which can be used to reward the helpers of the project and to be used by the investors to receive customized rewards. These tokens can also be sold or traded on FYN's internal exchange.
  • There will be an onsite wallet to ease the process.
  • Their generous rewards program and the return on investment is lucrative.

What's The Potential ROI?

The team behind FundYourselfNow is planning to increase the value of their token exponentially through some of the examples below:

  • Using the FYN tokens to support the projects can score you bonus tokens from the project creators. Meaning, you'll get more benefits if you use FYN tokens instead of any other cryptocurrency, thus increasing demand.
  • All the projects on FYN will have to accept at least 20% of their funding in FYN tokens, which will lock up a percentage of the tokens out of the market for an average of 1 year, thus increasing demand and limiting supply.
  • Out of the 100% profit, FYN will distribute 70% of the profit back to the investors through their token buy back program. And then burning the 'bought-back' tokens to reduce the token supply. They will do this every 6 months.

Also, the top 100 token holders will score a spot in their 'VIP Club' which will give them access to the pre-sale of their projects and at a discount.

FYN Token Sale.

If you think this project sounds promising and could be a good investment, then you can still catch their ICO! It had already started on the 13th of June, but it is still going on and will go on until the 31st of July. They are distributing a total of 12.5 million FYN tokens out of which 60% is for crowdsale. The current exchange rate is 1 ETH = 100 FYN.

Here's a chart of the token distribution.

Personally, FYN sounds better to me than Kickstarter or Indiegogo. I am always fascinated by producing movies which of course requires some investment. But I am sure this is the place where I would start my project if I ever do!

They have a solid team, who seems to be very transparent with the project. But always do your own research first before anything! You can check them out on their official website -->

You can also check out there demo and get the feel of the project-->

For in-depth info on the project, check out their whitepaper-->HERE


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I need to think of a crowdfunded coin idea. Something to do with what I'm passionate about. And porn doesn't generally do well with crowdfunding..

how about decentralized porn? lollol

I accidentally erased the original message when I was trying to make a reply..then I got lazy/forgetful/a little high...and just passed on redoing it. So ...I've left you with just the porn comment.

I am always open for business ideas lol

Lots of crypto lending platforms have come and gone. Most verified the individuals before releasing the loan, but a majority still cut and run good luck to all who invest in ico.

That's why we should always do our in-depth research on not only the project, but the team too.

This might take off. Thanks for sharing the reference


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