BONUM: The Platform for Earning Through Your Crypto Assets

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The emergency is part of our life. Sometimes we find ourselves in the tight spot and need help. It also happens to the businesses when they decide to take a loan or ask for help. It is quite common in our life too where we take help from banks, family and friends. The cryptocurrency market is a proof of it. More than 700 billion dollars market capitalization within a few years is nothing less than a miracle in the financial world. People have put their faith in the crypto market. Continuous innovative ideas are being converted daily into action utilising the blockchain technology.

We remain hopeful about its future, but it has failed to bring a financial product range similar to the traditional financial world and this could be one of the reasons why mainstream cryptocurrency adoption remains an elusive dream. There is no stable mechanism for utilising the capability of the cryptocurrency in the same way as we do with fiat currency. The lack of an interactive bridge between fiat and crypto asset creates weakness in the digital economy.

There is a strong requirement of the platforms which allows integration of the fiat currency world with the crypto assets. Do you think that we can create a platform which will act as a bridge between both the worlds? Are we ready to see an innovative solution in this domain?


BONUM has predicted the future of cryptocurrency and decided to build a product which we all will need sooner than expected. It gives you loan worth a single dollar or of a million dollars on your crypto asset as collateral. You can also deposit your crypto asset in the multi wallet of the BONUM which is secure and safe. It is building a platform to support the crypto economy.

You can enjoy the instant approval of loans. With the security of blockchain technology, they are developing a product which is an everyday requirement for everyone. Multi-currency deposit and multi-currency collateral is the core feature of the platform which will bring both the worlds closer. We can expect to see a revolution in the crypto economy with the introduction of the platform.


The team is a good mix of talent and experience. People associated with the platform are experienced in the fields of software, product development and Blockchain technology. They believe in the power of Blockchain technology to create an open and transparent solution for the digital economy.


The process of taking a loan from the bank and depositing our wealth in the bank are both parts of our financial life. Sometimes or other we always find ourselves in one of these situations. Banks play an intermediary between the processes. While Banks and many financial institutions under different categories have been doing more or less same things since ages. They found themselves at risk with the introduction of Blockchain technology. It works with the parties who are involved in the process and are part of the transaction.

Thereby, removing the need for a third party or any other external agent. This is an innovative concept. Cryptocurrency is beginning to enter the emerging markets which have fueled its unexpected growth. We will see many more applications such as these in the coming future as crypto assets find their way into the mainstream industry.

The mainstream adoption of the cryptocurrency requires a strong ecosystem built on solid foundation of technology and applicability of the products. This platform helps in adding its share in providing credibility to the transaction capability of the cryptocurrencies. Allowing people to easily lend and deposit crypto assets will create transparency in the digital economy. I think that they will be the next crypto bank.

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