V-ID: Ending Document Fraud

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V-ID aims to be among the most effective platform which will guarantee solutions for document fraud available. The service utilizes trusty and generic principles to alter verification and validation for any digital file from any publisher. The service is clear because it employs the most recent technology of blockchain and therefore the smart contracts. The platform ensures that the purchasers have ease once in operation within the system and it permits users to keep up their privacy.

The V-ID platform uses the blockchain technology and smart contracts

Manufacturing firms, banks and different monetary establishments are a fully sensitive businesses and ventures since they deal directly with the purchasers and their info is also liable to fraud. Economic process entirely depends on however cash flows in an exceedingly nation. Security agencies just like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have developed a robust technique and mechanism that during the organization ensures that necessary actions are taken against any business concern which tries to have interaction in any fraud connected case. Although this has been done, the web fraud remains the big threat to several people and firms. With the appearance of electronic payment ways, the organizations have adopted the subsequent ways that to shield the computer code to permit for on-line dealings to require place through automation: use of blockchain; firewall build up; and therefore the corporations have provided protection for the computer code by making a barrier therefore preventing access of the electronic systems by any intruder.

V-ID has created terribly robust and complicated passwords that may ne'er be guessed by any person therefore providing security to their computer code that aids the bar of fraud. V-ID has additionally put in programs that reports any try by any attempt to hack or tamper with the users documents. The program reports the moment an attempt is made giving identity, place and full info of the temperament and additionally provides ways in {which} on which the unwelcome person may be barred from hacking or cracking the computer code systems. V-ID offers a super-security live that's terribly relevant within the today's world the is marred with insecurity threats that are mainly instigated by the data war.

Decentralization, use of the blockchain and therefore the digitization of the corporations guarantee that the users gain a good expertise. The platforms helps the users to keep up their privacy, interact quicker and save money. Thanks to the actual fact that almost all of the transactions done are clear and that they can be traced. With the expansion of cyber crimes, the employment of distributed ledger technology and therefore the use of smart contracts facilitate V-ID to make sure higher security for its users. Users needn't to stress regarding their documents or files as they're unbroken safe from any unwelcome person or any trickster.


V-ID aims at providing the most effective platform on which the users will be able validate the documents and make sure that they're free from fraud. V-ID can provide the foremost ascendible, simplest and therefore the most generically applicable solutions to stop frauds. V-ID incorporates a robust team which will be mandated to make sure that the solutions to frauds in businesses are eliminated. This can facilitate the businesses to save lots of lots of money.

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