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About Cryptonity

Cryptonity is an ecosystem through which Cryptocurrencies can be traded. The emergence of Cryptocurrency has led to creation of platform through that individual will handily trade their Cryptocurrency. But with discovery of a number of the main drawback related to already existing Cryptocurrency platform like poor users interaction, restricted trading pair, advanced interface, inadequate trading bot etc., Cryptonity is that the next exchange platform to deal with these drawback by recreating Cryptocurrency trading through creation of platform that bring traders together and offer more power to choose what options they require on the platform. In this review, we to shall examine a number of the distinct options that Cryptonity exchange platform shall integrate once the platform is totally open at the end of initial coin offering. Below are some characteristics which will make Cryptonity stand out of the many crypto exchange platform on the market presently;

(1) multi-device availability: so as to provide user with varieties of coverage in order that they will be ready to trade easily, cryptonity is going to be on the market on totally different user interface which include; web base, Android, ios and mobile HTML5.

(2) easy to use with bilingual Support: cryptonity platform are going to be on the market in four totally different languages (English, French, Chinese, Korean) at the on set whereas different languages are going to be on the market later. This can assist users to be ready to explore the platform the manner they require with no barrier.

(3) Four Distinct trade Pair: the amount of trade combine offer users flexibility in trade that successively mean once there are higher trade combine, it suggests that there'll be a lot of flexibility in choosing the pairing that a merchant is curious about. Cryptonity is going to be on the market in Four totally different trade pairs (BTC, ETH, XNY, USDT). Fiat currency as commerce combine is additionally a part of the arrange of the Cryptonity and this can be enforced as presently as necessary license is granted.

(4) Development of Self-owned Blockchain: Another necessary aim of Cryptonity is to develope a replacement blockchain (i.e.Cryptonity blockchain). Work on this can begin straight off once the cryptonity ICO is finished

(5) Integration of security tools to stop users account from been hacked: this is often the one of the main functions every users are forever searching for. Any exchange without security system is dangerous. We all understand how much of challenges the crypto exchange platform has faced in the past.

(6) Multi-Order Supported: Cryptonity can support 3 variety of order that include; purchase order, Limit orders and stop loss orders. The most advantage of these types of order is that they permit traders to position an order and therefore the order are going to be enforced once the condition is met even once the users isn't on-line

(7) Analysis and strategic tools integration: Analysis on crypto is incredibly necessary and this facilitate traders to form nice choices during trading. Cryptonity can offer a portfolio which will permit traders to trace all the gain and loss, value alert and lots of different options.

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