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Augmented reality is an interactive experience of universe in which real object is increased with information generated with a computer. Augmented reality will alter the globe system where we'll see the globe in a very totally different approach and ARROUND is formed to power up this method with the assistance of block-chain technology. They're building new digital environment where everybody will be able to produce his own augmented rality experiences. Advertisers are able to have interaction with customers by utilizing inventive campaign system incorporate increased reality.

ARROUND ecosystem include four major components; a universal advert network, social network, increased reality marketplace, and AR system map which will work as a backbone of AR system. The platform can produce their own token image as ARR to facilitate the transactions within the network. In contrast to virtual reality (VR) where everything is virtual they'll work on increased reality within which real surroundings is employed and data are overlaid thereon. Virtual reality fully replace the system of universe wherever you have got to real helmet and board a special space whereas in increased reality you'll take a look at in out wherever you're within the world.

By utilizing the block-chain system ARROUND can provide mobile phone users to quickly learn, produce and share their AR experience on social network. On-line retailers and brads are allowed to have interaction with customers by utilizing ARROUND advert network based on augmented reality. They'll modify developers to check out their application in a very SDK sturdy environment. They'll produce a 3D special map which will power up the AR based applications that needs accuracy. ARROUND platform can utilize block chain technology so as to facility product sales, info and services.
In the 1st of phase of development ARROUND can offer users to interact, view and share their experience regarding objects created by ARROUD. They'll develop a game which will permit platform users to play, produce and share content on a very social network. ARROUND can give complete privacy to the user’s identity and provides them guaranty that no third party is able to get their info. ARROUND can offer advertising solution to offline retailers who are left behind thanks to ecommerce craze. They'll permit offline retailers to have interaction with customers like they'll be able to send push notification regarding discount to users who are simply looking out regarding product.

ARROUND overall system design include four components; AR Maps, AR Store, AR Adnet and AR Social . They'll produce social network for Android and IOS application which will be on play store soon for download. The main concept of this social network is to bring increased reality to people’s social life where they'll be able to produce and share AR objects with their friends. AR ADNET is formed to modify retailers to have interaction with their customers with in increased reality.

Token Details

Token Symbol : ARR
Total Supply : 3 Billion
Price Per Token : $0.03
Token Distribution:
• 48% is for Pre Sale and Token Sale.
• 22% is for community development fund.
• 10% is for network development.
• 1.5% is for bounty.
• 10% is for team.

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