Social Wallet io Token Sale (25% Bonus Code)

in ico •  11 months ago

In this video I show you step-by-step how to safely enter the social wallet wire token sale with an exclusive 25% bonus code only available in video for a limited time only...

Hope you enjoy!!

Social wallet is a platform that makes it possible to send cryptocurrencies to any social media platform whether it be Facebook or Twitter you can send crypto to their social media account and all they have to do is log into social wallet with said media account to claim send and receive they're cryptocurrency!!!

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This is going to be huge for the crypto community. Send money any time anywhere to anyone on any social media platform! Continue making step by step videos so easy a caveman can follow it!

very very good information and new things for me to send cryptocurrency to social media, thanks Kennethbosak.

Got you bro bro :) #pioneers
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Hey, i just wanted to mention that you're featured in my latest post, and you're in the video too!

It was cool meeting you in Austin...

Upvoted this is a nice project