Elementh: The All-In-One "Blockchain Based" E-Commerce Solution

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Commerce and E-Commerce is all about numbers, right? Wrong. It is about fulfilling people’s needs and it actually describes every business transaction such as buying or selling goods in any market.

Commerce is a fundamental component of any business and it is about transactions between businesses and customers. E Commerce (Electronic Commerce) is when the transactions are transferred into the online world and offered online without the need of being physically present in a shop.

The basic problems shops and/or eshops are facing are:

  • How to find a customer?
  • How to persuade the customer that I am a legit business with a legit product?
  • How to keep track of my stocks?
  • How to manage my stock efficiently both offline and online?
  • Most of these questions are now answered and problems become solved in advance as decentralization and the blockchain is coming to provide solutions and ease-of-use for small and big business owners.

Let’s Welcome Elementh! Happy To See You!

Elementh, E-Commerce Evolution

Elementh is a platform with its proprietary programming language, with which the retailers will be able to build a number of applications aiming to solve commerce-related problems.

The main goal of Elemeth Team is to create an alternative protocol so that additional e-commerce applications will be able to develop in the blockchain.

Standard quality names of the products (nomenclature) 1 will be provided, names which will guarantee the ownership of a particular product. This will practically allow sellers to easily find the lowest price, but also make sure of a product’s authenticity.

Smart e-commerce contracts2 on the blockchain will be created; this will be achieved by having a blockchain with a built-in Turing-complete3 programming language

allowing everyone to write smart contracts and decentralized applications, enabling the use of unified product cards, e-commerce transactions and the transfer of ownership.

Elementh for e-commerce is the same as Ethereum for tokenization!

E-Commerce AND Blockchain is the future and its ‘cooperation’ will surely give a boost in the industry, offering transparency in the economy.

How is this going to happen?

Let's see the Elementh’s DAPPS4 At a Glance!

👕 Get Rid of Counterfeit Products – Every Product has its Unique Identity and Path

👠 Find Lowest Price for any Product

👒 Users will be able to track counterfeit products.

💍 Transparency in Goods.

📍 Geolocated Goods will be searchable and consumers will be able to find their most convenient places for purchase

✉ Decentralized Messages will allow direct contacts between sellers and buyers (including setting up bidding, exchange systems etc)

🕶️ Store Designer which will allow the vendor to set up a store.

️🏅 Seller’s Banking Scoring dependent on previous transaction on the system


⛓ Elementh will have its own built blockchain and it will be usable by any service provider (such as hotels, businesses, shops, airlines and issue coupons or vouchers)


Case Study

Meet Adam, always well dressed!

Adam has had a dressing sense almost since his birth! He used to cry when his clothes would not match with each other and started pointing out his preferences to his mother at the age of 4 months!
But Adam lives in a faraway place without easy access to shops.
His mother, Julia, has discovered that she has been overpaying for clothes when ordering them online, and sometimes then the garment would arrive – she would notice that it was a counterfeit5 product!

With the launch of Elementh, Julia will be able to find the best price for the specific brand she is always buying for her only son. She will be able to track the product’s source, making it so easy to understand that this is an original brand.
But babies become boys, become men. She will soon realize that the amazing shirt Adam just loved to wear, is too small for him.

It will be a piece of cake to sell it herself, and because it is uniquely identified, it is being sold immediately and most importantly at a very attractive price. The money is “relegated” to her through a smart contract and as soon as the shirt is delivered to another happy-to-be baby boy, she receives the amount in her wallet address!


Ok, Sounds Great; When is this happening?

Elementh as a Company was first established in 2012 and its ICO starts the 1st of April until the 30th. The Alpha version of the Elementh blockchain will be launched in June 2018 and as per their roadmap the first DAPP will launch March 2019.


Follow Elementh to be the first in the know

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How can you participate?

You can be an Investor or you can start using the Elementh Services in the (very) near future!


The devising or choosing of names for things, especially in a science or other discipline.

Disclaimer: I am personally excited to know about this and as a professional will be looking forward to propose this to my customers and to write more about it.
This post is motivated both by my profession and by the opportunity offered at the Sponsored Writing Contest published by @originalworks

(The Graphic created derives from wikipedia and is published under the same license CC BY-SA 4.0)



I'm definitely taking part in this! Just found out about it today and was about to make a post as well!
Good job!

Nice, looking forward to your post! Good Luck :)

Thank you! Let me know if you are participating in the contest too!

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