eosGAS Token

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Give you 1000 estimated pieces of the $ 500 site tip
And give you 1000 pieces to a friend that invites him to register
Distribution of those who have in their portfolio a quantity of (Etherium) coin or (EOS) coin.
Steps :
1 - Follow here : https://twitter.com/eosGAS_io
2- Join here : https://t.me/eosGAS_io
3- Re-twitter here : https://twitter.com/eosGAS_io/status/1019040771817836548
4 - Follow here : https://medium.com/@eosGAS_io
5 - Fill out this form : https://eosgas.io/?ref=@AR2030

We finished


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good airdrop 🤑

Thank you please post like this in order to join us all

Good airdrop