Steemit Our Pre-ICO is Live Right Now But We Need Your Support - 30% BONUS

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Dear Steemian,

Our platform is unique. Our developers are elite, and we are not another generic ICO. We are very serious about making legal processes more efficient, more effective, less expensive, and decentralized. We will both benefit from you taking a look at the JURY.ONLINE platform and protocol to see if it’s something you believe in and can support. Plus, we are hiring.


Our protocol eliminates the need for litigation and dispute resolution through the use of smart contracts, but it has an endless range of other applications. It will be the premier platform and protocol to govern Ethereum smart contracts to resolve disputes and secure the completion of projects, while placing added insurance on documents and transactions.

This is not a game changer, it is a world changer, and of course we hope you will participate in our pre-sale that is currently running RIGHT NOW. We offer 30% bonus, and we have published many articles on steemit explaining the platform, but it’s always best to talk in person. So feel free to join our community on telegram.

Read the Whitepaper | Lightpaper | Legal Opinion | Terms and Conditions | Smart Contracts Audit | How to be a part of the ICO Using MyEtherWallet


Resteem this:. Introducing Jury.Online and the (JOT) Token | The Future of Dispute Resolution

Resteem this:. JuryOnline Protocol Fuses Human Judgment with Code in the pursuit of raw reason and ethics

Resteem this:. What is The (JOT) Token? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Register Now

In case you missed the live Q&A yesterday


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thanks for sharing . i like your post keep it up


Greetings! Do you think Steemit has what it takes to be one of the top 10 global social media platforms?

We do! Are you willing to help us do what it takes to fix steemits vulnerabilities so we can bring this platform to the mainstream?

I represent an media alliance with over 10 million followers. We see that steemit needs a few small, but very important changes to make it to the next level.

Please share your solutions with us! And help us attract the attention of steem developers. Share your wisdom and thoughts with us at

Together, we will bring steem to the Mainstream!


o.O - this reply is as badly placed as the juryonline concept.


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Follow me

I am going to buy token. I hope it will be profitable for me


To be honest, I think this one is going to be very profitable and very soon. You really should join their telegram community and you would understand why, but basically the biggest fear people have about crypto is the fact that there is no recourse for action if it's lost or stolen. Imagine if an exchange had one of these agreements setup with the public, it would immediately have an edge over every exchange that did not. This applies to basically every business doing transactions through crypto.

If I am completely honest, after some research and conversations I have had with people I have strong reason to suspect JOT will be trading on Poloniex at 5x the crowdsale price, and no one is really aware. This one is definitely a sleeper.


I will be doing my own research on Jot now, Thank you for your stance.


Best Of luck


i give you upvote munawar1235

Very interesting concept. I will certainly be keeping my eye on this one!


yes steem is the future .
steem will go above 1000 dollars in 2020

good post


i give you upvote cyrus.pasargad

Ok..I'll will visit the site buy some tokens..


Really? Someone did go to the site and purchase tokens shortly after I published this article. Was it you? ...HONOR SYSTEM?


hahahaha hilarious!!


Have you bought some JOT's? I did some days ago, and today I'm not able to see my balance anymore...

This is a great idea , and ill be looking into purchasing some of these jot tokens , ive purchaced several icos in the last little while , not tons of money but just testing the water . Tgis seems like a very good idea , hopefully it will take off as soon as launch hits . Thats for sharing :)


If you have any questions about the project, or need help with getting your tokens join our telegram community, right now it's a 24/7 party we are very excited about this project.


Thank you :)

i have been recently researching on ICO's lately for investing rather than trading coins for long term investment and I came up with a few .
It sounds promising
thankyou for sharing .
keep up the good work .


i am agree about you


i upvote you alexander

I have always been late in all ICOs till now, but it looks like I am not gonna miss this train.

Promising project. Will buy some JOT tokens.

Nice one, thanks for sharing this information, I am checking it out right away


i upvote you princeso

I am going though the article but little bit confused. Have there anyone or resources what could help me to figure out everything. Thank you in advance :-)


The easiest one to understand is the Light Paper but the [Whitepaper] provides detailed information about the platform and protocol. You can also join our telegram community:

Never.. Am not gonna miss this.. I will invest right away... Thanks a lot for this

im planning to buy token too


If you do, be sure to join the telegram channel, so you stay up to date on everything with the project. I also believe they just gave away $3,000 to the person with the best question about the platform. I am sure there will another event like that in the coming weeks.

very clean project :| Whitepaper | Lightpaper | Legal Opinion | Terms and Conditions |
good luck team keep it up

Thanks for getting this going. I have a small advisory group of intellectuals and entrepreneurs who conceptually began discussing the potential of the blockchain as solutions in dispute resolution and contract administration a couple years ago. We are working on a different solution in economics. While we concluded that the U.S. federal government is likely going to be way behind on the application of the blockchain to this, but regional and state level institutions may begin to commit to development and best practices. The biggest customer I am aware of is the Department of Defense Contract Administration function. Hundreds of millions is spent each year on just the manual administration of contracts, and mistakes are in the millions too. I will be watching your efforts with great interest! Keep it up!!

I think this is the future, smart contracts. Lawyer fees are nothing to sneeze at




I would like to see the need for retainer fees removed. I don't know much beyond having to address these costs myself. Thanks


With smart contracts, there is still a retainer if you consider funds held in escrow, except if an obligation of the contract is not met, those funds are released back to you. But that is primarily related to parties in an agreement. Overall, our platform eliminates the need for third party council because it is significantly cheaper, more effective, and applicable across borders independent of any jurisdiction. I really do believe in a few years time a decentralized platform like ours will be the main regulatory body within the crypto ecosystem, giving people more confidence to transition over on a massive scale.

i have no eth no btc so the only way to contribute is through an upvote :)

thanks for sharing this information, I am checking it out right away

Steemiti ilk defa market cap gördūm.. ve hikayem o gün başladı.. şükürler olsun ki burdayım. 😘

This looks just like BitCloud.

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Hello, that' nice project, are you affiliated with this project? if yes maybe you can fill this form so we can add your ICO on our ICO listing here
Link to form:

I Appreciate your incite, I will consider this, also looking into working!!

Great idea.....may I ask if you have considered building upon EOS? Ethereum is a broken ICO platform.


The system can be built on any platform which has smart contracts.



Upvoted & good luck!

Upvoted & good luck!

Upvoted & good luck!

how to perform bounty pgme any video on it in egnlish

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Nice one, thanks for sharing this

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Great such a Nice info

Great such a Nice info

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wonderful innovation, will keep an eye on you!

wonderful innovation, will keep an eye on you!

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WOW! This idea is a great idea.

This sounds fascinating

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is it scam?


Of course not. We are the real deal. This is why we have provided so much information about our company and project. I encourage you to look through our old posts to get a better understanding of how dedicated are devs and team are to this project. Also feel free to join our telegram channel

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Big acchevmnt ico.

Its good idea buy some token

I think its Profiable.

Lets go to the site before 3rd Nov.

very good one love !!!

I think about this

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I love your posts, I followed you :) all the stuff your talk about are great. Make me want to read more. So keep doing what u doing xxx and I hope I will see more good posts :)

Great ICO, All the Best!

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Im getting tired all all the coins. I looked at the crypto list many times and there are hundreds maybe thousands of cryptos now. But the jury project does look interesting as they serve a specific function that is needed.

Sounds like a winner. I'll bite

Nice Content

Hello Very good to know, one thing i want to ask is today i got payment 0.5 JOT in myetherwallet. How is it possible can anyone explain about this situation.

great info thanks for aharing !!

Great post I think this presents another opportunity . Thanks for sharing.

good to know

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Hi..great info thanks for shearing .Resteemit of post.

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Is it really profitable!
Beacause i don't know much more about it @sujityadav

You are really talk truely i like your post and now i register here for your link thank you so much to create a awesome post i love it

After reviewing your website, reading your whitepaper, and reviewing your (blank) Github, I am concerned with your $1 per JOT evaluation. Where did this amount come from? I've reviewed other ICO's who have a working prototype, expertly designed website, multiple investors, and a lot more than you've done starting their ICO's at $.50, $.60 mark per coin. From all I can tell that you've released, this is nothing more than an idea with no working platform to speak of. I think the $1 evaluation is way too high especially since there is virtually no hype (than I can tell) about this ICO.

With that being said, I like the idea and I hope you guys/galls can get this off and running. As an investor, I can't see or justify spending a minimum of 1 ETH ($300+) for an idea that is probably 2 years away from a beta.

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