Update On The Authorship ATS Token

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A couple of days ago, I've shared free $10 Token from Authorship that you can join here.

To receive the ATS token, you can prepare your Myetherwallet by adding the ATS contract address with this detail :

 The ATS token contract address is : 0x2dAEE1AA61D60A252DC80564499A69802853583A
Token Symbol: ATS
Token Name: Authorship Token
Token decimals: 4 

By adding this detail now. Once the ICO launched at 15 September, you can save time and get that token delivered directly to you.

If you don't know how to add a new token, here is a helpful guide with pictures and clear explaination.

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great info....so i gave them an dress that does not support erc20 token so i have to create a new adress at myehterwallet too...