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Quantstamp ICO is definitely one of the most exciting platforms offering its crowd sale during the month of October.

In a nutshell, the platform aims to assist smart contracts by building a foundational technology to protect users and investors. With scalable proofs-of-audit.

This is the first of its kind security audit protocol. By finding weaknesses and vulnerabilities within the Ethereum smart contracts. Quantstamps end goal is for more smooth auditing, with higher levels of automation, and at the same time offering tighter security and all with a lower cost.

Within Quantstamps protocol, is a background operable auditing network. This network aims to not only connect developers, but also investors making everything scalable while at the same time being completely transparent to all parties concerned.

This network makes the checking and verifying of smart contracts automated, rewarding verifiers at the same time.

The actual Quantstamp token allows and gives the platform the opportunity to scale and work in a completely decentralized manner.

A summary directly from the Quantstamp website regarding tokens and the ICO rules and procedures states

"The Quantstamp protocol is a scalable system to audit all projects on Ethereum. 100% of contributions go towards developing the Quantstamp protocol. There are no individual caps for the presale, early adopters allow the hiring of engineers
For the main sale, there are individual caps and partnering with a leading KYC provider. Unsold tokens are burned. Tokens for the founding team are on a 3 year vesting schedule"

Also the website has a comprehensive timeline and schedule as follows

For more information and how to participate in the ICO head over to the Quantstamp website at https://quantstamp.com/