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Have you ever wanted to own one of those fancy super exotic sports cars, only to end up day dreaming at a crappy glossy magazine of cars instead?

If you think about it, you'd really never ever drive one of those cars, even if you did own one. Why is that? Because the type of exotic car we are talking about here are Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mclaren and even rarer sports cars than these. Of course you wouldn't drive it, it is an INVESTMENT!

Well now you will have a chance to "part own" in all of these super cars, through the novel and first mover, blockchain start up that is Bitcar.

Straight from the Bitcar token sale page is the caption below that describes Bitcar's purpose in a nutshell

Bitcar opens up these super exotic cars, as assets, for everyday people and car enthusiasts. Bitcar also assures us that "Only top end Exotics that are likely to appreciate will make it onto the BitCar Platfom"

There will be 500 million Bitcar tokens in total, and 250 million will be available through the token sale, with graduated bonuses offered at all stages of the sale depending on how early you join. Currently, the tokens are set at just 0.10c with a 15% bonus on offer for 7 days.

From the Bitcar whitepaper, is a nice chart that shows and compares exotic cars versus other more well known asset classes, and their impressive performance as an investment over the last three years.

I highly recommend perusing the various papers available on the website:
and papers here:

Personally, I love a novel idea, and a first mover with a qualified team. Bitcar ticks all of these boxes. Then, when combined with the amount of car enthusiasts, and the quality of this investment class, makes it a super attractive ICO.

Investment wise, the token matrix is attractive also, with a good healthy supply, not too high and a nice token price at 0.10c.

Don't miss out!!