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Hi all!

According to The Korea Times, South Korean lawmakers are going to discuss drafts concerning bills that legalize and regulate ICOs and the currency related application of blockchain.

Those drafts are to be discussed during the upcoming session of the national assembly, starting Friday 13th July 2018. 

According to the original report, the "opinions remain widely divided". Be it as it may, the report also can be summarized in the way that there are politicians from all parties that would like to see ICOs legalized. So the opinions are rather divided about the question of 'how' than 'if'.

As I tried to point out yesterday, every discussion about legalization is a victory over the ban. You do not put the workload that is required building a legal framework into something you do not want to see being part of society. Unless! You are bored and nuts.

Yours JP


Yes,the fact that in some countries cryptocurrency is gaining ground is a good thing for all BTC,ETH,XRP,LTC etc. users

@jpmay, you are interested in reading, maybe you read me too

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