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AcuteCoin is a robust, user-driven platform that will offer flexibility between blockchain-based digital assets and traditional markets. It is a self-regulated financial system that allows owners to earn income through its Lending and Affiliate plans as well as earn more coins through mining, staking, or direct purchasing through Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency has now turned to a major source of income for everyone, everybody want to grab what they can from it. The rate at which the number of coins are increasing day by day is very voluminous which most of them are scam, investors now find it difficult to find the one which will suit them to invest on. Most investors which don’t know much about cryptocurrency who just decide to invest huge amount of money on a particular coin end up gaining lesser than what they invested or even losing their whole fund all because of not grabbing the information which they are supposed to make use of.

With the help of Acutecoin the problem above will be a thing of the past. People or businesses who give money to help start businesses stand to benefit greatly using AcuteCoin. It uses a complex set of computer instructions to test/evaluate a trader's performance and then creates a mix of stocks, bonds, etc./ document collection for each tested/evaluated trader. The people or businesses who give money to help start businesses can use this mix of stocks, bonds, etc./ document collection to make smart investment decisions.

Acutecoin will be a secure platform with secure and private contracts, characterized by a peer-to-peer protocol with high customization, fast transactions and secure storage. AcuteCoin will be an open source currency that will be active in Blockchain and will also be a Bitcoin Hybrid.

The vision of the project is to support newcomers in the digital economy to start buying their first AcuteCoin instantly through their own platform. Marketers will benefit from a secure and highly flexible environment that will integrate personal resources into the digital ecosystem. AcuteCoin will also offer innovative investment options such as Cloud Mining and a full debit card to enable users to access their digital currency at any time.

Acutecoin will use the blockchain to transform the way people negotiate and invest. Investing in AcuteCoin's ICO is a smart way to leverage the initial offering and establish a profitable and sustainable investment. AcuteCoin will be developed and operated under the blockchain system. There will be a guarantee of security and anonymity for users who participate in a transaction. If you are looking for an innovative solution that will give you a safer, simpler and faster way to trade in cryptomedones, AcuteCoin will be what you need.

The Acutecoin platform will offer users multiple opportunities and an exclusive cryptographic community that will learn and win by sharing and building their investment portfolios together. AcuteCoin will strive to be a revenue platform and a useful tool to help its members navigate their way through this uncertain and exciting industry.


These features will form the basis of Acutecoin's long-term plans for designing this sustainable and achievable cryptome platform.

  • Blockchain Technology: For secure and transparent transactions we use decentralized blockchain transaction technology.

  • Lightning-fast Transactions: Send and receive payments anywhere in the world extremely-fast and cheap.

  • Limited Supply: To ensure the scarcity of coins, there will only be a maximum supply of 42 million coins.

  • Anonymous: Unless the owner would want to reveal their identity the origin of the transactions is completely anonymous.



  • As AcuteCoin is used within our platform the value will grow and the demand for our system functionality will increase.
  • Coins are at their lowest price they will ever be.
  • Over the coming year the expected coin rate will equal US$45 as the platform grows and exceeds 30, 000 members.


  1. Coin built on the Bitcoin platform with added features such as POW, POS with x11 algorithm for increase security.

  2. Physical Mining operations set to come online within 6 month post ICO, located in cost effective regions.

  3. Portfolio management with AcuteCoin trading in different crypto currencies and ICO's, with profit sharing amongst members.

  4. Merchant debit card platform setup to serve other cryptocurrencies allowing for another income stream within the community.

  5. Integration of a social platform allowing interaction between members. Use of Facebook to access account and quick access to support.

  6. Cryptocurrency exchange APP attached to the AcuteCoin debit card, enabling members to trade and transferred profit to their debit card.

  7. Gaming platform rewarding winners with AcuteCoin's coin.


Coin name: AcuteCoin
Coin symbol: XAC
Max supply: 42, 000, 000
Price: USD$0.60 = 1 XAC
Accepted payments: BTC/ETH
Total coin supply on sale: 10,000,000


For more information, please visit any of the following links:

White paper:
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Author: JigaMola
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